Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The first part of the video

In my previous post I criticised the way that liberals follow a script in which whites are presented as the racist oppressors of blacks.

I linked to a video which shows the opposite - a lone white man in America being brutally beaten, stripped and robbed by a group of blacks.

A reader sent a link to the missing first part of the video. It was embedded within a site I didn't want to link to, so I'm posting it here. It shows the lead up to what happened. The lone white man is standing in the street and is then approached by some young black men who boast that they are going to steal his car keys. Some black women then gyrate around him before one young black man (teenager?) then steals his keys. When the white man attempts to retrieve the keys he is king hit and hits the pavement with a sickening thud.

The second part of the video can be seen here.

My point in posting the video is not to pin the blame for such crimes on all blacks. It is to demonstrate that the real world is a very different place to the way it is imagined to be by your average white liberal.

(The video might take some moments to load.)


  1. I don't think the Australian media is prone to lose as much common sense as the U.S. Media. I think the Australian Zeitgeist looks to America for guidance in many things, but I think if this happened in Australia it would be covered to a greater extent. Also, I can't imagine the Martin/Zimmerman firestorm erupting in such a way in Oz.

  2. Anon,

    You might be right when it comes to the media, but I have to say from first-hand experience that the liberal script is alive and well in Australian schools. It has taken over the English and history departments at some of the schools I have knowledge of. There are teachers who invest a great part of themselves emotionally in it. It is at the core of their identity and their sense of morality.

    So it's going to be a live issue here in Australia for some time.

  3. The script in the US is not that there isn't violence directed against whites, it's rather that violence directed against whites is "understandable" and "deserved" because whites have been "oppressors" forever -- so the anger, violence, slurs and anti-white racism are seen as justified reactions of an aggrieved oppressed class.

    It's all fundamentally Marxist, really.

  4. Too bad he didn't have a gun to whip out and waste half a dozen of those animals, that would have made an inspiring video. At some point whites will need to be armed at all times and ready to waste any blacks who attack in mob fashion. It is no different than if you are walking through a jungle and need to be 100% aware and ready to kill anything that attacks you.

  5. FWIW, that appears to be downtown Baltimore, in front of a Baltimore City Court, and near a major (for Baltimore) bus stop.

    Note also the green logo'd building in the background. That would appear to be an M&T Bank. They have a green logo. And a branch on that corner. Google street view, however, does not show an M&T Bank branch there. However, it does show a strikingly similar looking building with 'For Rent' signs. So it's possible M&T just moved in.

    So, IMHO, the most likely scenario was that this white man was out in that neighborhood and waiting for a bus.

    The big question on my mind, however, is: Given that it's a significant bus stop area, and that there are dozens of people hanging around apparently late at night, why no police presence?

  6. Correction: A likely, or plausible scenario.

  7. There is another video from an alternate angle of this incident that is longer.
    After the guy is knocked out he is stripped naked and sexually taunted.

  8. Too bad he didn't have a gun to whip out and waste half a dozen of those animals

    He could have had one were he not in Maryland, one of 9 US states that are may-issue for concealed carry permits.

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  10. There is something primitive about the inane giggling and whoops from the from the group of Blacks, after the young man is knocked to the ground.

  11. "that the liberal script is alive and well in Australian schools."

    That is certainly sad to hear if that is the case. Where does this come from? what is the force driving this? Who controls the curriculum? Is it influenced by the U.N.?

  12. Anon,

    It comes from the teachers. They go well beyond what is required by the official curriculum.

    The worst offenders are the "mummy teachers" - middle-aged, female, nurturing types. They are not very political but they find some sort of emotional release in going on an "emotional journey" with their students - like a catharsis. I think they find a meaning in it that they wouldn't get just from teaching literacy.

    Sometimes their hunger for it is so over the top that I tease them about it. They own up to it but don't want to change.

  13. A certain Femnazi academic at my uni says every lecture white Anglo males are finished. Without fail she will drop that in the lecture often at the end.
    How is that not racism?
    What's more how can she say that when she has white a son(s).

    (i've actually stripped a lot of identifiers from this post that is how bad leftist reprisals are , i mean i don't want to fail)

  14. how can she say that when she has a white son(s).

    It's something I've always wanted to ask such people.

  15. Youtube is removing this video They are saying this video is "hate speech".