Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How long can this go on for?

We are all of us supposed to believe that white males are the source of evil and oppression in the modern world. That's what it says in the liberal script.

And so there are some things we are meant to notice and other things we aren't meant to notice.

Anything that remotely resembles white violence toward others we are supposed to seize and run with. We are to push it as far as we can. This is happening in the U.S. right now. A young black man, Trayvin Martin, was shot dead in an altercation with a neighbourhood watch captain, George Zimmerman. That has led to claims of white racism and to expressions of support for Trayvin Martin from President Obama and leading politicians.

The "white racism" angle is being pushed despite the fact that George Zimmerman reportedly identifies as Hispanic and not white, and despite the fact that the details of what happened aren't clear yet. Zimmerman claims that Martin challenged him, struck him to the ground and was beating his head on the pavement before he acted. There has been evidence presented both for and against this version of events.

To make the case fit the script better, one American news outlet even doctored an audio file to make it sound as if George Zimmerman had said something racist against blacks in his 911 call.

But what aren't we supposed to notice? We aren't supposed to notice black violence against whites, as that doesn't fit the script.

Let me challenge you now, if you're someone who is still inclined to believe in the "white oppressor" idea, to click on a few links. The first one (hat tip: Lawrence Auster) shows a white guy in America who has made the mistake of wandering into the wrong area of town. He's not doing anything wrong, except being a white guy in a black area. He is king hit, beaten, stripped and robbed - and the crowd thinks this is great fun. Watch the video and if you have any sense left in you you'll want to tear up the liberal script that we are all supposed to keep to politely.

How long can the pretence of filtering reality to make white men the violent oppressors go on for when there is video evidence like this?

Then there is the case of the murders of James Cooper and James Kouzaris. They were British tourists in Florida who again wandered into the wrong area. A black American, Shawn Tyson, held them up and on finding that they had no money murdered them both in cold blood. Tyson was later recorded referring to the men he murdered as "crackers" - a derogatory term for whites.

The father of James Kouzaris wrote to President Obama seeking the same kind of statement of sympathy that was extended to Trayvin Martin - but got no response at all. A friend of the two men concluded that this was because there was no "political value" for the President in doing so. And he's right. How does an execution style murder of two white tourists by a young black man help develop the liberal script? It doesn't and so it's not supposed to be noticed.

Then there's this recent case from South Carolina. A white man exiting a restaurant was called a "tree monkey" by six black men waiting outside. When he asked them why they called him that, they hit him on the head with a gun and kicked him repeatedly in the face.

These kind of events are supposed to sail right under the radar. They are meant to be seen as having no larger significance; they are just local news stories that have consequences for those involved, but are quickly forgotten.

But when it comes to an incident that seems to meet the liberal script then you have the President talking about the need for national soul searching.

The script has to go.


  1. Until liberals destroy the Western world completely. I don't believe that they will back down that easily. They are almost like fanatical suicide bombers when it comes to their drive. They will annihilate themselves and try to bring everybody else down with them.

  2. Anon, thanks for sending the link to the first part of the video. I couldn't, however, link to the site it was embedded in - it was too graphic. So I've posted the video myself.