Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why not to support the march

I've already written one post on the upcoming women's march to protest Donald Trump's inauguration. There are some leftist white women who have been put off the march because of demands that if they want to attend they have to "check their privilege constantly".

This is not the only indication, though, that the average woman might like to think again before supporting the march. The organisers of the march have released their demands, one of which is the following:
...there is a global migration crisis. We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal.

They want open borders. They want a situation in which anyone in the world could fly into a country and, as a right, be accepted as a citizen of that country.

Think of the implications of this. It would mean:
  • those belonging to wealthier nations would face a massive influx of economic migrants from around the world and lose any semblance of their former identity and culture.
  • there would a levelling downward in wealth, as economic migrants would gravitate to a wealthier nation until the strains of this migration made that country as poor as the rest. Any country showing the way by establishing good governance and a good work ethic would be drawn back down rather than being able to set a long-term standard for other nations to emulate.
  • the possibility of a failed state, no longer able to provide for law and order or for welfare to all of those crowding in

It's not a positive vision of the future and it does not deserve to be supported.


  1. It means whoever has done something of value, produced something of value, has something of value... can be made prey to whoever wants to come and have it.

    Sounds like the mentality of any government, and its socialism writ large.

    Its pure evil weaponized as 'tolerance'

  2. People advocating such a position should be detained and fined at an absolute minimum.

  3. Envy and Covetousness. Nothing new. And, if one abolishes borders, no man's home is his castle.