Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Swedish patriotic women video - what do you think?

I found this video produced by the Swedish Democratic Youth. There is much to like in it: it is positive, upbeat and unapologetic. I'm less certain about the way it tries to meld the traditional and the modern (traditional values with a kind of modern single girl look). It is possibly a smart move for an electoral party, but I think that over time a patriotic culture is likely to look for something deeper than a breezy liberated lifestyle ethos (but again, maybe it's smart to appeal to young single women this way).


  1. Another we need to stay white to conserve our white liberalism thing.

    1. Thanks for the comment. So it wasn't just me who noticed it. There is some countercultural material in the voiceover but the images are very much "modern girl" stuff - which I don't think is much of a basis for resecuring family life. To make things work again is going to require a rethink of the modern girl ethos.