Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Who would high school age Americans have voted for?

50,000 American high school students aged 14 to 18 were polled about who they would have voted for in the recent election. The results show that younger white Americans are very much on the right. For instance, if young white American females had decided the election result the electoral map would look like this:

37% of white girls aged 14 to 18 would have voted for Trump compared to 16% for Clinton (the rest choosing other candidates or not voting). Only 5% thought that America was heading in the right direction compared to 59% who thought it was heading in the wrong direction.

The results for white American high school boys were even more decisive:

It's nearly all red and I can't see any blue at all. 57% of the white American high school boys would have voted for Trump compared to only 9% for Hillary Clinton. 62% of the boys thought that America was headed in the wrong direction, compared to only 9% who thought it was going the right way.

It has to be said that the liberal education system still has some time to work on these young people before the next election. Even so, it's heartening that the young have moved so decisively against the Democrats.


  1. It's the red pill. Young men and boys (maybe women and girls too) want what they experience to agree with what they are taught, rather than what they are taught to be what should happen, ideally. The red pill will get us out of this.

    1. This is a good point about real life experience and theory and 'correct thinking' and it can relate to other things we deal with in our liberalised societies. Just think of the effort and constant energy required to normalise sodomy in the west. It's not like this kind of perspective would have risen from the bottom (heh) organically through social custom, it was brought about by dedicated activistism and is sustained by media and government through positive representation of gays in media, constant activism, moral censure, and shaming. Television gays (and the married ones) are swish, talk with a lisp, and have limp wrists, but are otherwise good people who are simply misunderstood by ignorant homophobes (probably the majority). But in reality many gay men have no interest in what many consider normal relationships and lifestyles, and they fornicate with dozens, even hundreds of other men during their lifetimes in a kind of self-destructive hedonistic abandon. It's so bad that they represent a significant vector for the spread of disease.

  2. RE: organic social values vs enforced here's a good example

  3. Going to public schools made me who I am. Being exposed to the left's hatred and attempts at brainwashing made oppose them. Do teaching the kids that white Christian boys that they are the cause of the world's problems will just garden their identity in opposition to the left.