Tuesday, October 09, 2012

What is this building?

Here's a reader quiz. Look at the pictures of the building below and guess what the building is, i.e. what the building is used for.


  1. It is so ugly , it *must* be a modern church.

  2. My guess is modern art gallery. It is an appropriate shrine for contemporary art.

  3. It's too small to be an art gallery. It must be a church. Probably in a denomination which has driven off all its communicants and now consists of apostate priests and a large endowment.

  4. It is the Temple of the Extinct Oppressor.

    In future decades, non-whites will come there to view typical scenes in which the vanished race known as "whites" exhibit their characteristic exploitation of women, non-whites, gays, and other victim groups. Visitors will leave with a collective sigh of relief that such horrors are no longer perpetrated thanks to the extinction of the oppressor (assisted in large measure by their own suicidal behavior).

  5. It looks like some modernist's idea of an appropriate museum for Renaissance art, but there is perhaps too much glass for that, and why does it rest on a grassy hill, which suggests an out-of-the-way location?

    The combination of a grotesquely soulless pile of blocks (suggesting that nothing inside is as important as the statement-making architecture itself) and a location that implies it doesn't matter if anyone actually goes there says this is a modern church.

  6. I'm going to say It's a library.

    What does the correct guess win?

  7. It doesn't look practical enough to be a house (though I could easily be wrong, as there are many "gimmick" houses) and I don't see a coherent use of light, appropriate for a library where people have to read. (Besides, where is the parking lot?)

    It's come kind of building the architect felt free to be stupid with, like a war memorial, or something sacred.

  8. Church of the Most Holy Trinity

    TinEye Reverse Image Search

    looks pretty shit when compared to the cathedrals.

  9. "Solar calendar"

    Then it would need to be more logically organized.

  10. Yeah, look up "Wotruba Church" on Wikipedia. Supposedly this was inspired by Chartres Cathedral!

  11. "It's a Decepticon."

    But a Decepticon posing as what?

    A car or a helicopter is a logical object with a form that follows its function. That's why it surprises you that it's really a Decepticon.

    It's not obvious what the architect thought the function of this structure was, or whether he or she even recognized that it had a real function.

    It's only obvious that he or she was schooled in the antique tropes of Modernism.

  12. What it reminds me of are these monuments from Yugoslavia http://www.cracktwo.com/2011/04/25-abandoned-soviet-monuments-that-look.html