Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't be that guy 2

Here's a link to a young man who says that he needs feminism. He could be a contender for the face of unmanliness. My eyes rolled especially at his declaration that "I married my best friend, who happens to be a woman". In other words, he's claiming that it's normal to marry your best friend, regardless of what sex they are.

He is a shadow of his real self and desperately in need, not of feminism, but of a father.


  1. Do you suppose this fellow suffers from low testosterone, or perhaps some other hormonal imbalance? My first impression upon looking at the photograph was that he looked like a lesbian, unfeminine but podgy. That subcutaneous fat doesn't look male to me. Saying that his wife "happens to be a woman" also suggests a very low sex drive, particularly in a young man (assuming this is a man). The morose, groveling apology in the first paragraph also lacks the cocky defiance that is normal in the healthy young male. If this isn't a lesbian, it's a very low-T male whose been subjected to years of psychological abuse.

  2. JMSmith,

    Interesting comment, as my first thought too was about a lack of testosterone.

    I don't think this person is a lesbian. I think, as you say, he is a low-T male with psychological burdens (who should not be lecturing to other more robust men about relationships).

  3. The creature in this image does indeed look like a lesbian...

  4. Liberal culture makes a sort of demand on Liberal men (particularly native western men) to surrender their masculinity and presence which liberals have linked with the western mans status.
    Resisting this liberal "social contract" is as simple as being a traditional male.

  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that it was neither his idea nor his choice to have this picture taken. I assume his wife suggested it (and I'm willing to bet that, in their relationship, her "suggestions" are much more than just that), and that he willingly submitted, giving up even the most perverse and miniscule bit of masculinity available to him. She'll likely grow to resent the fact that he is such a pushover, and eventually have an affair with some man who is masculine in all of the ways that her ideology despises. The husband will be left distraught, heartbroken and confused.

  6. This post also reminds me of an earlier post...


    Skinny, white, late teenage or early twenties males. The male equivalent of skinny, white, late teenage or early twenties females - a group who are genuinely much more valued for their sexual power, unlike these twerps.

  7. This guy is a beta that probably has a wife whom rewarded him with sex for being a good widdle boi oh yes he so cuuute for doing this.

    His first paragraph says a society that is derogatory to women, i was raised in the South and we were to taught to treat women like our mother, of course if they turned out to be catty bitches it was to treat them like a guy and not care.

    In his second paragraph I would have put "i'm engaged to my fiancee, she happens to be my best friend, i am her complement" women have it engrained in their psyche that men are the protectors, and providers, if a man can't do one of those things the the woman feels resentment and begins to find masculine men that will give her that safe feeling.

    Tl;dr: this guy is goijg to be divorced in 5-10 years, half his crap is gone, and he owes her alimony because "we live in such a patriarch society that husbands have to pay wives that divorced them money to keep the same standard of living, not to mention child support"

    Speaking of this guys fat, im glad that I lost 70 lbs last year, i went from 240 to 170-175, and i must say my fiancee likes feeling my arms now :p before our wedding i plan to exercise and get some more muscle so and i can carry her over the threshhold and be all sexy like hahaha

  8. I had exactly the same thought Lesbian or low testosterone. If it's a he, it's in desperate need of a testosterone boosting diet and physical regime.

    I can't help but feel sorry for it, nothing but emotional and physical pain in future for the dweeb.