Sunday, July 08, 2012

Feminist woman discovers that race trumps sex

Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury is a 41-year-old single Englishwoman, whose claim to fame is having taken some portrait photos of celebrities.

She is also a pushy type of feminist as the following story makes clear. She was standing in a supermarket line when she noticed a Muslim family putting their items onto the checkout line. Mum was putting the items on, whilst dad was with the kids. It seems this rankled her feminist sensibilities:
She was waiting to pay at the checkout when she noticed a man with two small children also queuing. They were joined by a woman wearing a hijab and a long black tunic who began unloading an overflowing trolley, one item at a time.

She says: 'I glanced over and thought, “This poor woman's going to be there for hours.” Her husband was standing closest to me, so I said to him, “Will you help her?”

'He said, “I've got the children.” I said, “Well, I can help her” and he replied, “What's it to you?” I said, “This is what feminism's about - women helping women.”

He said, “Oh, get lost.” I looked at the woman and said, “We live in a society in Britain where rights are equal - if you need help you can ask for it.” 

In a good mood I would have laughed at her. In a bad mood, I would have told her to get lost, just like the Muslim father did.

I do the supermarket shopping with my wife. When we get to the checkout she usually starts to put the shopping on the line. Sometimes I step in and take over, but sometimes I supervise our young children (too young to be left alone).

A single feminist woman is in no position to either understand or object to such dynamics.

I suspect that what she really didn't like was a hijab clad woman in her local supermarket. I'm not a great fan of it either. But she does a good job of presenting herself as a leftist, and the British left is committed to open borders and diversity - with hijabs being the inevitable result.

Anyway, a nasty surprise was in store for Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury. The Muslim wife didn't take kindly to being helped by a Western feminist. It seems that she initiated a scuffle in which she kicked and tore the hat off her feminist "helper". In doing so, the Muslim mother fell over onto the supermarket floor.

The police arrived and took statements. To her surprise, Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury discovered that the system was biased toward ethnic minorities, that nobody was interested in her side of the story and that she was charged with a kind of hate crime, namely "racially aggravated assault" (but eventually found not guilty in court).

Some lessons for Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury?

1. A never married woman should be a little careful when directly intervening in the family dynamics of others.

2. Don't assume that non-Western women are going to put the sisterhood above their ethnic loyalties.

3. In the liberal hierarchy claims of racial oppression usually trump claims of sexual oppression. A Muslim male card trumps a Western female card. In such a situation Western women lose moral status.

4. If you don't want hijab clad women in your society, it's no use taking it out on Muslim families shopping in the local supermarket. The choice is either to get political and change opinions about open borders or else accept that diversity doesn't just bring doner kebabs it also brings hijabs.


  1. Delicious schadenfreude to see a Leftist hoisted by their own petard in multiple ways.

  2. Now the Feminist finds out what it's like to be oppressed!

  3. That's one thing that can be said for a lot of Mahometans, they have nothing but contempt for the vile customs of the modern liberal sewer that the west has become. It may well be that Our Lord will use them as He used Attila, as a scourge to punish the apostasy of modern Europeans.

  4. The Daily Mail laps this kind of thing up, but still ... the most abject and pitiful parts of the story are quotes from the woman herself. Case in point:

    'I've been going out of my mind since this all happened,' she says. 'I've been on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills because of the stress.'

    Sounds like a degenerate culture being is crushed by a stronger one.

  5. So what have we learned from the story of Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury?

    Feminism and multiculturalism are shit.

  6. LOL, oh well she's only had a taste of the "Diversity pill", no wonder she is going mad, she must be thinking all I believe has bought this on my country men.

    Just kidding the silly feminist would be so self obsessed she'd only think of self hating self.

  7. Maybe the Muslim woman thought that she was making advances on her husband.
    Kinda obvious that we need more international lesbianism.
    Sisterhood is powerful!

  8. I'm late to this fray...

    First off....Our Lesbian Feminist is OUR Lesbian Feminist and as such I have FAR more sympathy for the lesbian feminist than the Muslim.

    This lesbian has done more for our side then any of your commentators making fun of her.

    At least she went after the immigrants! Fuck the ideology, actions speak louder than words.

    I have seen some things in the stores with Muslims that disgust me. Like women sitting in the back seat of the car and the men doing nothing. Sick culture.

    Also, we don't know if she's really for open borders.

    Though the women has issues....I commend her for going after the Muslims and speaking up.

    That's the first step...Going after them in real life when you see them. Criticizing the immigrants to their face.

    Good for her!

  9. It's kinda like how all the Christians in the U.S. think Mexicans are family oriented religious people...when in fact they aren't.

    I don't have ANY problems with our liberal feminists going after immigrants.

    I don't care who does it, what ideology they use to do it, as long as it gets done :)

  10. Ms. Heathcote-Drury needs to find her own eschaton to immanentize.

  11. "A Muslim male card trumps a Western female card. In such a situation Western women lose moral status."

    Pure gold.