Sunday, October 28, 2018

Our first conference

Last weekend was the first ever Melbourne Traditionalists Conference. We had a very good turnout, with 25 in attendance. Mark Moncrieff, of the Upon Hope blog, planned the event well. We began with a meet and greet on Friday night, which was low key but very helpful in introducing newcomers to the group. Then on Saturday we had a series of presentations on varying topics ranging from Shakespeare and Aristotelian ethics; the way forward for traditionalism; distinctions in world view between Christianity and paganism; lessons from the anti-suffrage movement; and the keynote address by Dr Frank Salter on Anglo-Australian identity.

The highlight for me came next: an evening banquet at a local restaurant. This was more informal, a good chance for discussion, and it finished the conference with a high level of positive energy.

Special thanks to Mark Moncrieff for his efforts in organising the conference; to all the presenters, but particularly to Dr Salter; to those who made the long trip from Adelaide and Sydney; and to the newcomers who made the step to meeting up in real life.

If you missed out, I have no doubt there will be another conference at this time next year.

A note to Melbourne readers. If you are sympathetic to the ideas of this website, please visit the site of the Melbourne Traditionalists. It's important that traditionalists don't remain isolated from each other; our group provides a great opportunity for traditionalists to meet up and connect. Details at the website.


  1. Congrats on your conference. 25 might not seem like a lot but I'm sure you know how hard it is to get people on the right organised and how important it is to do so.

    Holding a conference of 25-30 people genuinely committed to challenging liberalism is more productive than the efforts 99% of the internet big talkers out there.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks. Quality of the young men there was very good - a future leadership. Hopefully we'll have even more there next year.

    2. Just what is needed. Congrats again I hope it grows next year and I hope to be able to travel to be there. This sort of thing done properly is well overdue.

  2. It's really heartening to see events like this happening Mark even if s a Nth Qlder I'm way too far away from Melbourne to personally participate.

    Ah well, maybe someday I'll have to take a holiday down to cold and rainy Victoria just to see you all!

    Please keep up the good work. We need networks like yours more now than ever.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Love Nth Qld, though I've been there during the winter when the weather is so good compared to Melbourne. Maybe one day there could be a network up your way, we'll see.