Thursday, July 19, 2018

More trad women

The trad women phenomenon on Twitter continues to grow. A small sample:

This is a return to a cultivation of virtue for women. It seems to follow a certain process:

1. An aim of being a good wife and mother.

2. A recognition that there are aspects of female nature that need to be overcome to secure this aim.

3. A commitment to actively practise more positive behaviours.

This is one necessary part of the way a society solves its problems, is it not?


  1. "This is one necessary part of the way a society solves its problems, is it not?"

    Hardly! A few posts on social media written by a woman in a very revealing and non traditional style of dress don't constitute a social revolution or a realistic means of solving social problems. Word are just words, they do not always reveal authentic thought or intention or reflect underlying values or behaviours.

    Females by nature are hypergamous and fantasise about marrying wealthy men. Without the imposition of social constraints that restrain that desire and make its fruition an impossibility, very few women will give up thinking they "deserve more than their man provides" and the majority will aim for more than they deserve. Witness the young girls who hang out around football pitches where teams are training hoping to catch a future star player and realise their life's ambition to become a WAG or the groupies who hang out around rock stars or the masses of office girls who pursue professional men. The women of the west are predators, hunting their prey from an early age. After they have manipulated some weak man to marry them, they set about entrapping him and dominating him lest he escape from their clutches into the arms of another more youthful babe. There is no chance that women will develop feminine virtues in such societies where their own lives are often insecure and success in marriage depends upon competition, manipulativeness, deceit and the entrapment of their enfeebled males. Societies in which females compete for males (an inversion of the natural order in which males compete for females) always end up dominated by aggressive, predatory women and weak, passive males.

    1. Anon, I agree that social constraints are also necessary, but it's always better to have "right orientation" rather than "external constraint". Would you really want to be the man whose wife stays with you only because she is constrained to do so, rather than the man whose wife has the habits and virtues that make a good marriage possible?

      We do need to go back to the cultivation of virtue, but this requires recognising the typical flaws within the nature of men and women. Women do need to control their hypergamous nature if they want to enjoy the benefits of a culture of stable family life. Yes, this can and should be done externally, but internally is the gold standard.

  2. Isn't all cultivation, by definition, external? Every meaning of cultivate is of man acting to improve something, to promote it, to produce it or develop it because he thinks or believes that it needs his attention; as in culture itself. Left to lay fallow it will revert to the typically flawed nature of men and women. That is what I thought distinguished the traditionalist conservative: acknowledging, accepting and embracing the necessary constraints of the natural order of being, that modern liberals deny and attempt to defy.

    1. Buck, you are making two separate points here.

      1. "Every meaning of cultivate is of man acting to improve something". Yes. So we are acting to improve our flawed nature. We are trying to cultivate habits of virtue.

      I should also add that it is wise for men who set out to cultivate virtue to understand the influence of the culture that men inhabit and therefore to seek to influence this as well.

      2. "acknowledging, accepting and embracing the necessary constraints of the natural order of being". Yes. In this context, that means, for instance, a woman acknowledging the importance of her roles as a wife and mother, both in terms of her own biologically given nature, but also socially to the welfare of her own society, and spiritually, as part of a transcendent good accessible to her as a woman.