Friday, November 10, 2017

Converting from civic nationalism

Traditionalists are ethnic rather than civic nationalists. We believe that a "people" becomes so through a shared ancestry, history, language and culture. Liberals are either civic nationalists or else internationalists. The civic nationalism that dominates most Western countries claims that anyone can become a citizen as long as they assent (at least during the citizenship process) to some liberal values. Civic nationalism usually involves mass immigration from around the world, as it permits anyone to claim national membership - there are no limits to who is eligible.

Lauren Rose is an American YouTuber. I don't know much about her politics, but she is articulate in explaining why she abandoned her belief in civic nationalism.

If you'd like to read more on this topic, there is a chapter of my e-book which goes into more detail here.


  1. Civic nationalism is an oxyomoron, a liberal invention. Lauren Rose rejects it in favour of "her own people" but doesn't state who these people are. Does she mean the disparate people grouped under the term "white nationalists" or is she talking about a specific ethnic group?

    "White nationalism" is another liberal term, invented for the specific purpose of demonisation of white christians. The term "white", synonymous with the caucasian race, includes a wide range of different ethnic groups and religions. Bosnian, Albanian and Uzbek muslims are white as are many Arabs of various different religions. A German has nothing in common with an Italian, just as a Vietnamese has nothing in common with a Thai. Each ethnic group has its own unique characteristics expressed in its own culture, history and politics. One can identify an Italian, a German, a Frenchman, a Spaniard and understand their national characteristics, temperament and culture but what is the definition of an American? Most are mongrels, of mixed ethnicity, with no concept of pedigree, individualistic and ever ready to act as the Judas goat and betray their fellows for a quick buck. Unless some specific white ethnic group takes control of the country, perhaps the original Anglo Saxon founders, the white nationalist group seems to have no coherent agenda and the USA will likely go the same way as South Africa where the conflict and mistrust between Anglos and Afrikaners (who have a stronger sense of identity) has failed to prevent the collapse of the country.

    1. Agree with 90% of this. I just think you put it a little too strong when you wrote that "a German has nothing in common with an Italian." Whilst definitely being different peoples, there is that idea of identity as starting from family, then going to region, then to nation, then to race and civilisation. At this larger level, Germans and Italians do share some commonalities as belonging to Western civilisation. I also wouldn't see the situation of Americans as being that dramatically different, these days at least, to other Anglosphere countries - we are all under the thrall of a liberal intelligentsia pushing our countries in a certain direction. We will have to see if something can be made out of the push against liberalism that is building momentum.