Sunday, June 18, 2017

Germany march

850 German patriots marched in Berlin today. The march was organised by the Identitarian movement. The banner's main slogan reads "Future for Europe" and underneath it says "Identity. Love of homeland. Patriotism." The march was five times larger than a similar one held last year.


  1. The Sleeping Giant is awakening...
    Andrea Merkel and her Leftist cronies are probably getting worried.

    1. Merkel won't be going anywhere until she retires, I'm afraid to say. Unless the CSU in Bayern tires of her liberalism and runs as a national party.

      The AfD party has a lesbian leader, and their previous leader was an open adulterer.

      Austria, unlike Germany, wasn't occupied after WWII and patriotism isn't verboten there. Their nationalists have actually been in government before, and probably will be again this fall.

    2. Germany is finished and has been for a few centuries.

    3. It depends on what develops over the next ten years. Certainly there has to be a challenge to the old politics.