Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The French election

I have never known an election to be fought more on principle than the one now taking place in France between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen is against the globalist agenda. She said recently:
The country Mr Macron wants is no longer France; it’s a space, a wasteland, a trading room where there are only consumers and producers.

She also made this criticism of Macron:
He is for total open borders. He says there is no such thing as French culture. There is not one area where he shows one ounce of patriotism.

The French have a choice between a patriotic candidate in Marine Le Pen or an open borders, globalist, establishment candidate in Emmanuel Macron.

A victory for Marine Le Pen is important for France and for Europe. She has improved her position to 40% in the most recent polls and is supported most strongly by younger French people. I hope the older French have it in them to help their country change direction and to get Marine Le Pen over the line on election day.


  1. I think her support for removing gay marriage will be her undoing.
    Whatever you believe on the topic, there's no point in polarising voters like that so close to the election.
    Now gay voters have a choice of a candidate who'll let in people whose ideology wants them dead or a candidate who'll take away gay marriage from them.
    Perhaps the gays weren't her biggest fan to begin with, but why stir that pot?

    1. If she loses it will be because the French cannot bare to think of leaving the EU.

      Mark Moncrieff
      Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

    2. Pots have been left unstirred for far too long by politicians prepared to stand for nothing. Le Pen is giving them the truth-a choice of abandoning their perverse playing house or one in which they will discover their ability to fly off roof-tops.

  2. That the ideas of open borders and the repudiation of a people's culture (which the French most certainly have) as good things should be ringing some very loud alarm bells in living rooms across The West. It is amazing to me that these topics are even debated. Alas, it is the same here. I was in a university tutorial last week where I was chastised by my classmates for suggesting both that countries have the right to build fences/walls along their borders and that Australian's have values. Mad times.

    1. The only cultures being repudiated are those founded on Christianity.

      The nihilistic 'culture' of the secularist progressives and that of the Mohammedans are lauded in almost all seats of power.

      These times are not merely mad-they are beginning to take shape as those of the onset of Antichrist.

  3. Macron didn't say there is no such thing as French culture. He said 'French culture doesn’t exist in and of itself; there is no such thing as a single French culture. There is culture in France and it is diverse.'

    Anyway, it's a moot point now that he's successfully annihilated the fascist Le Pen.

    1. Conscientia, on a positive note, well done for being the first person from the other side to comment here in ages.

      The context to Macron's statement doesn't help it much. He is denying the existence of a distinctive, overarching French national culture. There are just the constituent parts which, as he later adds, can come from anywhere. What this means is that French culture is just whatever happens to be in France at any particular time - there is no stable aspect of it which might be changed via population replacement.

      You end your comment poorly. If you are an open borders liberal then you should attack Le Pen for being a patriot or nationalist. I don't think that anyone buys the idea that she is a fascist - if so, that would mean that the patriotic French who resisted Hitler would also be fascists - fascist anti-fascists. It makes no sense.

      It concerns me that you are willing to defend Macron, a banker's man who is willing to annihilate the ethnic French on behalf of international commerce. This is, in an objective sense, an act of evil that we should all be resisting, not encouraging.

  4. Damnit Mark where have you gone?

    I need my Ozconservative fix.