Sunday, April 16, 2017

Diversity as weaponised politics

I know I've been running on the theme of weaponised politics for a while now, but I came across one more interesting example. Last year an editor at the left-wing Huffington Post sent out a tweet that was intended to showcase the wonderful diversity on the editorial board of the newspaper. Here is the tweet:

What is the politics of diversity really being used here for? It is not to create diversity, even if that were a good thing. Nearly all of the editors are very young white women. And yet the photo is supposed to celebrate "diversity".

In this case, the politics of diversity has been weaponised against men. A workplace without men is thought to be "diverse" and therefore progressive.

And if you find yourself in the position where a weaponised politics is being used against you? The obvious thing to do is to no longer give that politics your support. Take away as much of its power as you can.

In particular, it is important to stop using the politics for virtue signalling. It's self-defeating for a man to try to signal his virtue by expressing support for "diversity" when that politics is then going to be weaponised against him.

One day we will get back to signalling our virtue by the strength of character with which we live our lives - and not by voicing our support for a left-wing politics that is aimed against us.


  1. 1. These women are too young to know anything.

    2. They're all women.

    3. There is a distinct lack of brown shading, never mind black.

    4. They all look unbearably smug and full of themselves.

    The self-esteem of these no-nothings is inversely proportional to their earning of it. They appear very healthy and prosperous. If these are typical of what is now driving received opinion, civilisation is in worse shape than I realised. However, such an image does go a long way to explaining why there is so much insanity and plain stupidity in the modern zeitgeist. These are the kind of people who think they know it all and don't know enough to suspect this could possibly not be so.

  2. Notice anything about this meeting???

    Yes: no credibility.