Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merkel brings terror to Germany

Angela Merkel's decision to have open borders in Germany has, as predicted, brought terror to her country. Clearly, she is unfit to lead.

The Berlin attack, on a Christmas market, is only one of many that have occurred this year. The illustration below shows the main terror attacks in Germany in 2016 (it does not show the planned attacks that were foiled by police):

You have to add to these attacks the sexual assaults, rapes and murders of German women that have also taken place (a recent case being that of Maria Ladenburger).

The frustrating thing is that it was not difficult to foretell that these attacks would happen. When Merkel decided to open the borders, there were plenty of voices warning that it would lead to terror and crime. So why did she go ahead and do it?

There are a number of reasons to explain why Westerners like Merkel adopt foolish policies like open borders:

1. Emotional thinking. There are some Westerners who are guilty of emotional thinking. What matters to them is how something makes them feel in the moment. They feel good helping those claiming to be refugees, so they support open borders, without thinking realistically about the longer-term consequences. They feel bad when there is a terror attack, but without thinking about measures that could prevent future attacks. They will go back to feeling good about supporting refugees and open borders. They lack prudence, because what matters to them is what they are feeling right now.

2. Economic self-interest. Some big corporations support open borders because it increases the labour supply, thus forcing down wages. The economic costs of such migration, such as increased welfare spending, are "socialised" (borne generally by the taxpayer rather than by the corporation).

3. Political self-interest. Immigrants generally vote for the left. Left-wing parties are creating a new constituency by supporting mass immigration (the Democrat Party in the U.S. relies heavily on this).

4. Ideology. This is the big one. According to the liberal ideology, predetermined qualities aren't meant to matter. Therefore, nations are not supposed to be based on inherited factors like a common kinship, history, religion (i.e. they are not supposed to be ethnically based). So, for liberals, anyone can become a German, even if their culture and religion is at odds with what already defines being German.

Right-wing liberals tend to believe that what matters is how the individual creates himself in the market. For right-liberals, economic migrants are heroes as they are people who make an effort to improve their position in the market by moving to a more prosperous country. For left-wing liberals, inequality is explained in terms of white people holding down others to defend their unearned privileges. Therefore, white societies need to be deconstructed so that the liberal reign of freedom and equality can finally be ushered in.

Those holding to the liberal ideology, whether of the right or left varieties, will think it a moral thing to have open borders and to dissolve the historic German nation.

It is now up to ordinary Germans to break from all of the above in order to defend themselves from things getting even worse. Germans could, at least, support Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) which is the one political party strongly critical of Merkel's refugee/open borders policy. Another option is to support the German Identitarian movement, a group of activists with a more traditional understanding of national identity.


  1. Yeah, I've heard old-style Leftists (the Bernie Sanders supporters) say that people in the Western are rich comparatively and are being selfish by not allowing the poorer people of the world to enter and partake of the wealth.

    1. yes, and the right liberal sees the maximisation of wealth in a global and utilitarian sense as the moral thing. it's a perfect bind for the voter who just wants someone to represent their interests.

      Mark, I would be interested in your thoughts on managerialism and its influence on these events.

  2. The real reason for the actions of Merkel is that all European states, since the second World War, are American vassals controlled by political puppets answerable to the CIA. Merkel works in the interests of Washington and not her own people. The aim of Washington is to unleash terror in Europe as part of a destabilisation policy similar to what has occurred in other parts of the world.

    The key question now is whether the German people and the rest of the European people have the ability to free themselves from the EU slave state.

    Emotional thinking is an oxymoron. Emotion is a feeling which leads to impulsive often thoughtless behaviour. Emotion is not rational, it needs to be controlled by the higher cerebral centres and directed into appropriate channels. Emotions leading to pathological or irrational behaviour is a characteristic of people with low IQ who are unable to process and control emotion. Merkel is a PhD scientist, highly unlikely to be driven by emotion. Her decision to permit open borders and bring about the implosion of Germany is motivated by political ambition and her desire to remain a CIA asset whatever the cost to her country. The alternative would likely be her assassination.

    1. Just a quick comment now (pressed for time). I agree with you that Merkel herself is most likely not an emotional thinker (she seems to express herself coldly if anything). I agree too that emotional thinking is more prevalent amongst those with lower IQ. However, there is such a thing as emotional thinking (the term "emotional reason" might be an oxymoron but not "emotional thinking"). There are people who don't look at an issue in a dispassionate, analytical way. Instead, they are so caught up in the emotion of the moment that this is what influences their thoughts. It leaves them with little opportunity for foresight or prudence.