Saturday, September 03, 2016

Good luck AfD

There is a regional election in Germany tomorrow (in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). The good news is that the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party is polling exceptionally well at 23%, which is ahead of Angela Merkel's CDU. I really do hope the poll numbers are translated into votes, as the AfD is leading the opposition to Merkel's open border immigration policy.

Of course there is a lot of opposition to the AfD from the left. One well-known German band, Jennifer Rostock, even released a song attacking the AfD in the lead up to the election. Oddly, the refrain to their song goes "But only the most stupid calves vote for their own butcher" - which would seem to apply more to Germans voting for parties like the CDU and SPD which are intent on using immigration to abolish the existence of an ethnically German population.

Anyway, just to show that there does exist resistance in Germany, a "reply song" has been released. I've published it below and translated some of the lyrics underneath:

I've translated these lyrics roughly, without the rhyme:

Only the most stupid calves destroy their homeland themselves

Of Cologne and Nice and Paris, they don't want to hear about it,
They don't want to let themselves be disturbed anymore by terrorists
At the end of this multiculti dream
There awaits for us the loss of public space

Where CDU and Greens cancel all differences
where illegals reach our territory daily
where everyone loudly in unison bawls "we'll manage it"
The only thing that helps, there's just one thing: get rid of the old parties

Therefore comes the directive
We're voting Alternative (for Germany)

Do you want a future for your family and your country
vote the AfD
Instead of relying on others, take it in hand yourself
vote the AfD

If you are for free expression for every man and woman
so that Jennifer Rostock can go on singing nonsense
On Sunday, call out to everyone, the whole of Germany must see it,
We're going to vote the AfD.


  1. Looking good:

    "Merkel's party beaten by rightwing populists in state election – exit polls
    Alternative für Deutschland on 21.8% with chancellor’s CDU on 19% in German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"

    @ Mark Richardson,

    Do you speak German? I am Swedish, but I live in the German part of Switzerland since many years. A paradise for true conservatives....

    1. Yes, I'll wait for the official results but it seems clear that the AfD has beaten the CDU - a great outcome.

      I studied German (amongst other things) at university and have a reasonable ability to read it.

      The German part of Switzerland seems very beautiful. I'm glad to hear you think it is also politically one of the better parts of Europe.

  2. The rise of AfD has been a major surprise. I really didn't think the Germans would turn against the globalists. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of their support by a - if they're gaining significant support amongst the young then the globalists could be in real trouble in Germany.

    1. If after the last year's events the AfD got only 21% of the vote, then it seems to me the Germans haven't turned against the globalists. You could interpret the election result as 79% approval for the continued destruction of Germany.

    2. Well, it's true that the population as a whole hasn't turned against the globalists. It's an encouraging result, though, isn't it? It's enough to begin breaking up the political hegemony.

    3. It's incredibly difficult today to get people to vote for their own interests. Most people don't understand that the political landscape has changed radically. It's no longer left versus right, it's globalists versus nationalists. Left versus right is now irrelevant. They can't accept that the parties they've always voted for have betrayed them - the supposedly leftist parties have betrayed the working class and the supposedly conservative parties have betrayed conservative voters. But the media tells them it's still the same old left versus right game.

      It's encouraging that AfD has made as much progress as it has, and at the same time it's discouraging that they're still well short of the support they need to make an impact. But you could say the same for all the European nationalist parties - they're making surprising progress but they still have a worryingly long way to go.