Monday, September 15, 2014

Sweden Democrats make gains

Good news from Sweden. In the recent elections, the Sweden Democrats surged from 5.8 per cent of the vote to 13 per cent. They are now clearly the third largest party in that country. They have become particularly popular amongst young and rural voters.

More information here and here.


  1. They have become particularly popular amongst young and rural voters.

    Or as I saw them (or "us", rather) described earlier today by another Swede: slack-jawed yokels who don't understand what's best for them.

  2. The really good news is that the Feminist Initiative loonies won't win any seats at all. and the other loony party, the Greens, lost ground. The Sweden Democrats will have twice as many seats as the Greens.

  3. The place is still going to the dogs. Even if they were to stop their foolish immigration policies today (they won't) the simple numbers of births to Muslim immigrants compared with native Swedes means that they'll be out-bred and removed in a relatively short space of time (50 years?).
    Although, do you think that the native Swedes, once they realise they've become a minority, will start having more children or convert to Islam to save themselves from being the targets of attacks on 'infidels'?

  4. I watched a SDU pitch to young women on YouTube, linked here:

    The good: opposing multiculturalism, and standing for sex-role distinctions (somewhat), and pro-family, stances, in favour of protecting children.

    The bad: over-emphasis on female security concerns re: feeling safe being alone out on the town late at night (young women shouldn't do that, unescorted, regardless), and over-emphasis on irrelevant crap like 'animal rights' / radical environmentalism; and at the end of the video, we see some silly girly just like other silly girlies everywhere, taking a selfie on her iPhone - appealing to vanity and flakiness...

    A mixed bag.

    1. It has to look progressive as people were trained to appreciate this kind of lifestyle and values.