Saturday, August 16, 2014

More link love

Sorry about the light posting. There's much being published elsewhere though.

Mark Moncrieff has a good post up titled Why don't the poor marry?

Kristor has been writing up a storm lately. He has a piece at The Orthosphere titled There is No Patrimony and a comment of his has been posted at Collapse: The Blog as More on Far-Right Self-Identification (it's a more "advanced" piece, and maybe not for everyone, but I thought it interesting).

James Kalb has a good article up (which I might comment on later) called How to Accentuate the Positive.

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  1. The links to The Orthosphere and Collapse both solidify my current opinion that Left-wing and Right-wing are both really to the left or right of 'true' conservatism, which frankly isn't an ideology at all, but more of a paradigm, sense, or 'feeling'. It is more nuanced.

    I would suggest it is coincidental, or at least historical, that the right has tended to be the home of Conservatism (note the capital). I think this explains why Conservatives have a harder time forming their standpoint into any sort of manifesto or ideology, or why Rightists, but particularly Conservatives, find it harder to look back and single out heroes of their cause.
    It explains to some extent the pervasiveness in society of a more conservative morality shown in The Righteous Mind, which effectively ensures that conservatives have to inhabit both sides of the two-party coin, although granted they tend toward the right.

    I've been meaning to start a blog to elaborate further (which I'm sure here would bore everyone), but people had already beat me to smallc.blogspot/wordpress, and I'm yet to come up with another name.

    Leftists tend to pull society in some directions, and Rightists try to pull in (often deliberately) opposing directions. Conservatism appraises these other ideological tendencies, and weighs them against the Natural Law "written on our hearts".

    Consider whether Tim Wilson (The idea of Tim sleeping with his boyfriend under a huge picture of Ronald Reagan disturbs me) or this fellow (Conservative and radical?) are conservative or merely Right-wing.