Sunday, December 15, 2013

Judge admits to anti-white racism

From the New York Post:
Retired Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Frank Barbaro wants a white man he convicted in 1999 of killing a black man to be freed — claiming Wednesday he based the verdict on his own reverse racism.

The 86-year-old former jurist convicted Donald Kagan, now 39, of fatally shooting Wavell Wint, 22, during a struggle over Kagan’s chain outside an East New York movie theater in 1998.

But Barbaro told a court that, because of his viewpoint as a civil-rights activist, he didn’t consider a justification defense by Kagan in the nonjury trial.

“Mr. Kagan had no intent to kill that man . . . I believe now that I was seeing this young white fellow as a bigot, as someone who assassinated an African-American,” Barbaro, a former longshoreman who also served 23 years in the state Assembly, told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice ShawnDya Simpson.

Barbaro said he contacted Kagan’s attorneys after some deep soul-searching led him to realize he had denied Kagan a fair trial.

“I was prejudiced during the trial. I realized I made a terrible mistake and there was a man in jail because of my mistake.”

Barbaro contacted defense attorney Jeff Adler, who filed a motion in 2011 to overturn Kagan’s conviction.

Barbaro said his work during the civil-rights movement fed into his bias in the trial. “The question of discrimination against African-American people became part of my fiber — my very fiber,” he told Simpson.

What the judge is admitting to is being influenced by the ruling liberal narrative in which white men are tagged as oppressors and non-whites as victims. The judge is confessing that this narrative coloured his perception of what had happened.

Note that he also admits that the issue of racial discrimination against blacks became part of his "very fiber." That's true of some of my work colleagues. Their sense of identity and moral purpose is bound up in the issue of white racism against blacks. That's why the liberal narrative is so difficult to shift. It's not difficult to criticise it on factual grounds, but what's more difficult is shifting white liberals to an alternative sense of identity and moral standards.


  1. Unrelated to his post, but relevant to the views on this site (which I share), "Egypt pushes 'constitution for all' - but mostly westerners'. Or should they say, liberals?

  2. Whites have been miseducated to think that they are always the perpetrators, never the victims of inter-racial prejudice and violence. (Except when they have it coming and heroic non-whites fight back, with the help of a "good white" identification figure.) They have been miseducated to assume that talk of anti-white prejudice and hostility would have to be paranoid nonsense. They need to wake up to the fact that aggressive anti-white prejudice is common, and eliminationist anti-whitism is institutionalized in law, the mass media and mass immigration. But they can't wake up, because they've been indoctrinated.

    Without mass immigration, this could self-correct. Anti-whitism, like feminism, doesn't work. It doesn't produce good social outcomes. It's inevitable that some future generations of young white people would get sick of it, and want to try something else. And really, a great deal of truth is out there on YouTube, despite the censors. Brain-dead indoctrinated old whites can deny "polar bear hunting" and "the knockout game" all they like; kids can see for themselves.

    The danger is that the indoctrinated old are crowding out young whites in every way, taxing them too much, and handicapping them too much against non-whites and anti-whites. That means a proportion of young whites that would once have sufficed to save their race may wake up too late, in a world where they were born outnumbered and financially and legally at too great a disadvantage,

    Supposing young white Zimbabweans and South Africans wake up tomorrow and realize that their elders have sold them into destruction, and that the saintly, unprejudiced black leaders over them actually like to sing 'Shoot the Boer" and will one day authorize the black masses to act on that - what good will that do? It is too late.

    It's a race against time, to help young white people wake up and start opposing anti-whitism, despite continued pressure from the indoctrinated older generation.