Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Antigones

You may have seen at Laura Wood's site a report on a new French women's group called the Antigones.

They have been set up in opposition to Femen, a feminist group originally from Ukraine, but which has also spread to France. The Femen women often protest topless with obscene comments daubed on their bodies.

The Antigones want to be feminine and dignified. I've read some of their published material and it seems to be quite good. They are definitely opposed to the "gender theory" I reported on a little while ago. This is the idea that our identity as men and women is merely a false social construct and that we should be liberated to choose whatever sex identities we like.

This gender theory is obviously very closely tied to the liberalism which is dominant in the West today. Liberalism claims that we should aim to maximise individual autonomy, which means being self-determining or self-authoring, which means that predetermined qualities like being male or female aren't allowed to matter. That then means that there cannot be complementary masculine and feminine essences as part of the reality of things.

The Antigones have set themselves in a principled way against the liberal position. Here are some quotes from a YouTube clip:
Femen, you assert that machismo dominates our society and you fight men. We reply that it is only with men that we will be women in the full sense of the word.

Femen, you demand sex equality. We reply to you that complementarity between men and women is a source of wealth for our society.

From their "Who are we?" statement:
Daughters of our fathers, wives of our husbands, mothers of our sons, we do not reject men. Instead, we are persuaded that it is with them, in complementarity, that we will build our future.

And from an article published at their website (the Google translation isn't perfect but gives a clear idea of the arguments being made):
Everyone has an intuition, an immediate impression, sometimes confused, of what are the male and female identities. Sometimes these are clich├ęs, but we must nevertheless admit that the physiology and psychology of both sexes have specific irreducible genetically transmitted and define their respective idiosyncrasies.

Beyond the visual evidence of the different conformation of the body, biology, cognitive science and ethology have shown that brains are physically different and how they work, how they process information, as well as hormone levels and differentiated control their behavior in response to the same stimuli. Cultural identity unfolding from the image represented the body, so there is a thread invariant of female identity, a feminine essence, an eternal feminine, a "feminine genius", that is, a way of being in specifically feminine world. It seems that the female nature is expressed by what we might call a "sense of closeness" what Julia Kristeva calls "intimate."

At the very least, all this demonstrates that things don't have to be the way they are now. We don't have to have a women's movement which is anti-feminine and anti-male. It's possible to envisage something else.

It's interesting to contrast the Femen women with the Antigone women. The Femen women are rancorous and destructive like so many movements of the Western political class before them. I don't know what the flaws of the Antigone women may prove to be. But these women do seem to have turned in a different direction, one that at least has the potential to be more creative and affirming.

I will watch their further development with great interest.


  1. I doubt that FEMEN was originally Ukrainian.

    It seems that it was imported by multinational/international organizations and corporations, NGOs and possible the EU. It was then given a superficial "Ukrainian" identity but that's just a mask. A pretty bad one at that too.

    In other words, an imported virus.

  2. Everything about the Antigones looks good. They fully identify with a culture and a well-rooted, realist understanding of the nature of the sexes that dignifies and elevates them.

    The Femen, bought-and-paid-for defilers, can be rented by the hour. I'm not linking the not-safe-for-work pictures that establish this, but detailed comparison of the tattoos of some of the Femen at "protests" and in graphic ads for prostitution establishes this.

    This is the "autonomy" that gender theory leads to: being a whore that defiles and is defiled on command, for money.

    As for the supposed "slavery" of traditional femininity, there it is: wise, upright, beautiful and clean.

  3. alcestiseshtemoa: "It was then given a superficial "Ukrainian" identity but that's just a mask."

    An important part of the money comes from Brooklyn, which is not in Ukraine.

    It's impossible to say where all the money comes from, because the money men don't want to identify themselves, and the left-wing mass media (that has the resources to investigate, if it cared to) is culturally biased.

    It's clear though that nobody with power over Femen cares about giving Ukraine a bad name.

  4. I've heard too that Femen is a front for a USA feminist initiative.
    Also there is evidence floating around that the Femen activists are prostitutes and porn stars.
    This annoyed me on discovery because I thought their protesting of sex tourism was something I could agree with them on. Turns out they support it.

    These Antigones are much better role models to women. The dignity thing is important. A woman that respects herself and acts dignifies demands respect from men and gets it.

    Also I keep thing of Antigens when I hear them. Not in a negative sense but they are the Antigen to stimulate the immune system of their society.

  5. It would certainly make a change to meet a female for the first time, and not have to metaphorically don ones protective armour first, as one can never be quite certain whether or not from the first exchanged words one is going to be on the receiving end of vitriol and aggression. What has the West come to, that I go out of my way these days to avoid anyone of the female 'Gender'!

    Antigone are French, but sadly there is no sign of an Anglo-American group of similar outlook, so I will not put my Armour into moth-balls yet.

  6. "An important part of the money comes from Brooklyn, which is not in Ukraine"

    I wonder which ethno-religious group might be responsible for that...

    Is it Eskimos? Maybe it could be the Zulus?

    Oh, how I wonder!

  7. Why do we need a Frauenbewegung to begin with?

    Count me skeptical, as usual.

  8. The Antigones are not another movement. That's the first thing they explain.

    Antigones YouTube with English sub-titles.

  9. I wonder which ethno-religious group might be responsible for that...


  10. I feel a bit sad for Ukraine. First it was the revolutionarily Imperial Communists and certain Jews, now it's a pack of Anglo influenced people (Jews?) from Brooklyn, NY which is giving them a bad name and damaging their reputation.

    FEMEN deserves a terrible punch.

  11. Is there actual evidence of "Jews"?
    I'm skeptical when I hear it.

  12. Looking at the previous posts on female bodybuilders and the broad feminist movement I feel that Feminism has grown into a Female supremacist movement.

    A movement that attacks men and puts women forward as superior in everything (even irrationally physical strength).

    This supremacist I think is is disarming because it is so unbelievable.
    If there isn't strong female counter to it like the Antigones then it will destroy our civilisation on the most personal level by inhibiting westerners ability to even forge successful relationships,procreate and nurture our children.

  13. "Is there actual evidence of "Jews"?"

    As far as I know, no.

    It would be easy for the mainstream media to unmask the men behind Femen and determine their interests, and it would be a good story, but the politically correct mass media isn't interested.

  14. Although it would be interesting to know how Femen has been funded, the more important thing is to follow the lead of the Antigones in the sense of taking a principled stance (knowing what principles you are opposing and what principles you are asserting) - the Antigones have done this both in brief (in a manifesto) and in detail (in articles).

  15. Yes, the Antigones are more important than Femen.

    Provocateurs for pay are easy to come by.

    Principled, lucid and bold upholders of traditional values are rare and precious.

  16. American blogger Dennis Mangan also has a post about the Antigones:

    A French women's traditionalist group

  17. Also, look at this:


    I would not hesitate to place that ginger abomination (a far-left activist campaigning against 'racism' by throwing a bottle of coke at the leader of a party which isn't even racist and has non-white members) headfirst into a wood chipper to die a painful death.

  18. Mark,

    There is an article at (www.returnofkings.com/12092/women-fighting-against-feminism) which has some information about Antigones and FEMEN. One member of Antigones, Iseul Turan infiltrated FEMEN. The article says "Oksana Chasko invited her to a FEMEN boot camp the following Saturday and thus started a two-month infiltration period during which FEMEN disrupted a conservative, nationalist and crypto anti-gay rally during the Joan of Arc day celebrations in Paris."

    "FEMEN operated much like an advertising agency whose only objective was to create a buzz and garner as much media attention as possible."

    "FEMEN...were paying prostitutes to march topless in their demonstrations against the exploitation of women. The FEMEN members were.... recruited solely on the basis of their photogenic appearance and whether they were willing to demonstrate topless in public or not."

  19. According to that article it's a negative that the Antigones are white and not ashamed of it.

    If they accepted that their solidarity must be smashed by diversity and that they would have no future excepted to be blended away genetically and culturally, they would have nothing to fight for – no future, no people and no hope. Then why bother to oppose feminism? The motive could only be hate, and the Antigones are not haters.

    Favouritemartian gets that, but is still fighting "race trolls" who think feminism is bad for the whites (which it is) and is still issuing a caveat emptor about non-whites being "seduced by" the Antigones' message. This is anti-white-ism.

  20. these women are so beautiful, they are the counter culture. im so proud