Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Alecia: she doesn't like her inheritance

Alecia Simmonds believes that Melbourne could learn a thing or two from the city of Paris. In fact, she regrets that Australia wasn't settled by the French rather than by the British:
Instead of becoming a nation of Amelies, Australia inherited the world’s worst cuisine, worst urban planning, worst teeth and worst skin tone. Someone did a poo in the Anglo Saxon gene pool.

And she continues the thought with this:
Australians must accept our fate. That portion of our population who have suffered the slings and arrows of Anglo genetic inheritance can do nothing. We will always look like potatoes.
It seems that Anglo-Australians are fair game in major newspapers. Can you imagine this being written about any other ethnic group?

And what does it say about the mentality of people like Alecia? She has inverted the values that hold a community together: instead of wanting to preserve her inheritance, she makes derogatory comments about it.

And what of her criticisms? I'm sure that the centre of Paris has much charm (though I haven't been there), but I doubt if the high-rise banlieues which ring Paris are as attractive to live in as many Melbourne suburbs.

In fact, I'd assert that Anglo-Australians are pretty good at creating attractive suburban areas to live in: tree-lined streets, parks, well-kept gardens, bungalow style homes. Some of the suburbs, particularly those that went up quickly after WWII, do lack a village focal point and these areas can lack character, but on the whole we compare well.

And what about the way we look? Well, here's a photo of some Australian TV personalities:

Potatoes? I wouldn't have thought so. I particularly admire the woman on the right, Livinia Nixon, who is not only genetically blessed with good looks, but also elegant, classy, down to earth and funny.


  1. The self-hatred of Western whites is amazing. Look at the comments in this Daily Mail article on American Indians:


  2. "Worst skin tone"?

    Did she actually write that?

    If I were to claim that West Africans, or Australian Aborigines, have the "worst skin tone" of all people in the world, how would such a comment be received?

    Just shows you how ridiculous the double standards are that are out there.

    Also, the French are still Europeans. They're not a million miles away from "Anglo Saxons" in terms of what they are ethnically.

    Then again, she seems to be only attacking people of English descent in particular. That wouldn't even include people of Scottish, Irish or Welsh descent, theoretically, no matter how similar they are to people of English descent either looks-wise or culturally.

  3. Until you singled out the hot blonde I was totally on board :) Then I just groaned and wanted to hang myself.

  4. Anon, no need for that. I could just as easily have put Miranda Kerr of Nicole Kidman.

  5. I don't know where she got the idea that Anglo-Australians are ugly. I was always under the impression that Australians, male and female, were considered highly physically attractive, especially in other parts of the Anglosphere.

  6. Of course, there will be a wide spectrum of attractiveness in any ethnic group. There will be beautiful Anglo-Australians, and there will be fat and ugly Anglo-Australians as well. That's why a generalization is silly.

  7. It takes a significant amount of brainwashing to learn to hate your own people.

  8. If you look at her picture you can tell she is describing herself. She obviously has some sort of self image issue and is frustrated at her inability to get the men she wants.
    She is then rationalising this as something wrong with her ethnic background and expressing it as an anglophobic attack.

    Some advice for her. If she loves Paris so much she should live there.
    Also she should try growing her hair out.

    I thought her comment on eating meat being the same as regarding women as meat to be crazy but this article just solidifies the image of a loony left bigot.
    If she wants a society with a dusky complexion and vegetarianism perhaps she should move to India?
    Something tells me she is quite happy where she is living though.

    The shocking thing isn't her crazy talk its that it actually gets published by Fairfax media and i'm assuming paid?
    That is outrageous.

  9. The shocking thing isn't her crazy talk its that it actually gets published by Fairfax media

    I agree. In any society there will be people with views like Alecia's. But that doesn't mean that these views are the ones that have to be given the most prominence.

  10. Is Alecia jealous that she wasn't born a French woman (the grass is greener on the other side) or is this form of self-hatred a sick, twisted form of altruism and love for the 'other'?

  11. I visited Australia a few years ago and I thought Melbourne was an attractive and walkable city, at least in the central districts near the river. Sydney wasn't as great, but it of course has some world famouse landmarks and the natural setting is spectacular. Comparing them to Paris is comparing apples to oranges.

    I did notice that certain Australians seem to turn strange shades of pink and orange in the sun, and the Sydney office workers seemed a bit uncomfortable wrapped up in their suits. The TV presenters in your photo seem to have orange spray-on tans, but overall the talent on display at Bondi Beach was very impressive!

  12. No, no I am blonde :) It's just the fact you singled her out and ignored the other one. I actually saw the photo and immediately thought "Oh the tall ones prettier" then I felt sad because I'm like "that's not the point Anonymous!...all our people are beautiful" Then I read the last sentence and groaned when you verbalized my previous thought.

    I kinda get what the author means though, where she is coming from, and why

    Around the entire internet there has been an attack on Anglo Saxon women in Britain...especially the manosphere...but even here in L.A. I've heard nasty 'potato sack' comments from Armenians...and pasty has been an insult towards me my whole life luckily I look like Nicole Kidman so I know they are just trying to put me down.

    Growing up the Asians told me I'd age badly etc etc

    But the reality is...

    British women are thicker...largely because of the feminist induced British drinking laws. And this is CONSTANTLY being brought out over and over by the Manosphere. The 'Russian women are better' Meme versus the flat-assed Scandinavians or potato Sack Brits.

    By trying to force women into being more feminine or fat shaming or whatever the fuck these Manosphere Commenters/Bloggers are doing...they are just serving to put Anglo-Saxon women down.

    If the writer of this article has had the experiences and verbal insults that I've had...Then yeah...she's the reverse of me...I fight back and she gives in and becomes one of them.

  13. I love Russians...but let's be honest...

    Russians/Eastern Europeans aren't the Brightest in the Barrel and their good features come from their Nordic/Scandic/Anglo Saxon DNA...not the Asiatic influence.

    Furthermore, Anglo Saxons and Scandinavians are the most beautiful people on the earth. Once the Brits can clean up the feminist induced drinking problem they got every race had BIGTIME.

    And yes, many of the tallest Scandinavian women have flat-er asses...But ultimately they have nice boobs and are Super Women Tall. And it sucks to be short and everyone knows it.

  14. Let's face it...Kim Kardashian looks like a Gorilla.

    There's nothing like insulting others to boost your own self-esteem.

    But whites aren't allowed to insult others, we are only allowed to be insulted.

  15. Arianna Pattek, a racist, man-hating feminist bitch

    In the above link, you will find evidence of her committing the CRIME of discrimination based on a man's race.

    I have included her personal email, the email of her academic advisor, link to her Facebook account, link to her two blogs, and her pictures as well.

    I suggest you men write to her through her email, Facebook, and blogs, and tell her that you are reporting her for the CRIME of discrimination against men.

    American women are really evil bitches.

  16. Anon (above),

    I find it hard to believe that website is legit. It doesn't add up.

    If it is, in fact, real then I agree that Arianna Pattek deserves your anger - but I don't think it's right to associate the average American woman with her.

    We've got to think about creating our own communities - we won't do that by rejecting all the women of our own tradition. That gives us no chance of a future.

  17. People must realize that this is Not self hatred by liberal whites at all.

    In fact it is the most aggressive attempts to condescend to other whites and gain status and power for themselves.

    They do this self-flagellation for power.

    It is truly contemptible and evil behavior.

    Call it out for what it is and demand they account for it.