Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What does a Greens MP blame?

Statistics just released by Victoria Police show that Somali and Sudanese-born Victorians are five times more likely than the general population to commit crimes.

The Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt, has an explanation for this. He blames racism against Somalis and Sudanese. In other words, the victims are not those who have suffered crimes but those committing them.

How does Bandt reach this conclusion? He notes that employment rates are significantly lower for Somalis and Sudanese (47% are unemployed) and thinks this is due to racism:
Racism and discrimination are driving these figures," the Greens' employment spokesman said. (Herald Sun 22/08/2012)

Is it really racism that is preventing Sudanese and Somalis from gaining employment? I think it's unlikely. It's true that they appear unfamiliar to many Australians, but so too did the Chinese and they have bounded ahead.

So why would Bandt rush in to blame racism?

I can think of several possible reasons. One is that liberals want to make race not matter. They want to do this because they think that human freedom is the ultimate good and that freedom can be defined as an autonomous, self-determining life. Race is not something that is self-determined, therefore it is to be thought of as a merely arbitrary quality that shouldn't matter.

But if you want to believe that race can be made not to matter then you are committed to the view that the races must be equal (the same) in all respects. Otherwise race would, in fact, be an influence in your life.

So if Somalis and Sudanese aren't doing as well as the Chinese, then it can't be due to a group difference, it has to be because of something artificial holding them back - which liberals most usually assume to be "race discrimination".

What other reasons might there be for Bandt's haste in blaming racism? There's the issue I've been looking at recently, namely the leftist understanding of solidarity. Some on the left assume that solidarity is based not on relatedness and loyalty but on compassion for the marginalised other. But if you have this concept of solidarity then you'll want to think of the most "other" group as being victimised in some way, and hence a worthy object of compassion.

Remember, group solidarity is a significant human instinct, so it would be a considerable deprivation if you are one of those people who connect solidarity and compassion if the most "other" group weren't thought to be suffering from oppression.

Finally, it seems to me that the left sometimes reverses the truth of what is happening in order to disarm opposition. For instance, at the very time that various white populations were being dispossessed many on the left were arguing that whites were the dominant oppressor group meting it out to others.

And in this case the following is notable:
Mr Bandt is moving for an inquiry into public service employment targets for migrant Australians.

So Bandt's agenda is to impose discrimination in employment against native born Australians and in favour of Somalis and Sudanese. That's the direction that discrimination is to flow. But there is no "sorry about that" to those who are going to miss out - instead, those who are going to miss out are presented as the discriminators and those who are to benefit are presented as the victims. It's a role reversal which puts those negatively affected on the back foot.


  1. It's the way of the Progressive liberals, politicians and supporters to discriminate in order to make reliant voting blocks, for political power. Both can be classed as parasites, it's why the liberals are so determined to bring in more to suck off the host.

    Ideology and political ambitions for power drives it, that's why power corrupts. It's a pyramid built on lies, just as the current construct of the financial system, when it crumbles so does the corrupted political ponzi scheme.

    @Mark, you should have a look at the USA and UK, they have bought in more liberal authoritarian laws to detain people espousing certain political views now. Not even a psych is needed to make the initial assessment, the authorities make the decision...Communist/ Stalinist...way.

    The world is going to go to hell for a while soon I think, I hope it's not permanently though.

  2. Middle Eastern crime is well documented with daily news reports on "Men of Middle Eastern appearance" committing another shooting, stabbing, asault, car-jacking robbery. And African crime is fast gaining momentum in Sydney "Sudanese and Somali Gangs out of control in western Sydney!" as African Muslim gangs have already done in Queensland, WA and Victoria. "

    Somali gangs are major players in the trade of illegal drugs in Britain’s big cities and have become ruthless money-making outfits, kicking out established gangs by being prepared to resort to the most extreme violence.
    Drugs, guns and knives plague two Somali communities, in London and Liverpool. They represent another side of immigration – an influx importing the hard mentality of the war zone they left behind and using it to take advantage of our liberal Western society.

    In Canada police estimate there are about 2,000 Somali gangsters wreaking havoc on the country. The largest proportion of youth gang members is African Canadian. And in the US, African gangs are spreading their tentacles and the FBI is extremely concerned about the threat they pose. The Herald Sun revealed that whilst the Australian general rate of alleged crimes was 1 in 85, the rate for Somalians was 1 in 23. And the birth rate for Somalis is 6.35 and we can see how fast this problem will escalate.

    "Regardless of Australia's international obligations regarding refugees, The Australian government's first duty must be to the well-being of its citizens and the maintenance of law and order regardless of Australia's international obligations regarding refugees."

    Australians are not xenophobic or racist as much as they are committed to maintaining western values, and we shouldn’t blur the distinction between those who uphold our values and those who threaten them.

    City of Greater Dandenong Councilor, Peter Brown speaking about the Muslim African refugee crime wave in Dandenong."Australia should not be the repository for global social and ethnic problems in the misguided belief that we can solve them, because as the world population increases beyond the already unsustainable levels more pressure will be placed on Australia to be a universal agent of global multicultural support. We will be doomed to failure... "

  3. If these maggots (the gang members) were either publicly executed, if guilty of offences worthy of death, or else put in irons & made to serve out their sentences doing hard labour, there would be a reduction in the crime rate. Brutal armed force is the only thing that these beasts understand.

  4. What ethnicity and religion is Mr. Bandt?

  5. Public beheadings work wonders where I live.

  6. I agree Robert, but not just for the for the Greens.

  7. Countries near Australia, such as China and many of the south-east Asian ones, know how to punish criminals much better than in the "soft touch" West with its emphasis on human rights, diversity, and equality (all of which are basically terms that have an Orwellian irony to them).

  8. "What ethnicity and religion is Mr. Bandt?"

    That information should be routinely added to the party identification of politicians, as in an increasingly multicultural (less White, less harmonious, less Christian etc.) society increasing conflicts of ethnic and religious interests are inevitable, and who one is is crucial information on where someone really stands.

    Of course, the dominant forces in our society do not encourage the mug voters to be keenly aware of who is who, and who is likely to be acting in whose interests.

    According to his ABC profile he's descended from German immigrants, and he appears to have no religious interests but a history steeped in academia and leftism.

    It's natural to wonder with a hard left secular academic of a German background and named Adam if he might not be Jewish. It seems not. Jews are aware that ethnic solidarity is vital, and keep tabs on who is and isn't a Member Of the Tribe. A Jew would not be spoken of like this, as someone who is lobbied and influenced, rather than as one of us doing the lobbying and the influencing.

    So, leaving ethnicity and religion aside, we should focus on the fashions of leftism and the arguments, which we always need to take account of anyway, even though the arguments are often in bad faith, reversing the truth in order to demoralize and harm some (like Whites) and advantage others.

  9. Looks like Australia needs another Ned Kelly.

  10. "Is it really racism that is preventing Sudanese and Somalis from gaining employment? I think it's unlikely."

    Most "racism" in Australia today appears to be directed at white Australians of Anglo-Celtic descent. They are the most frequent victims of violent crime committed by ethnic minorities. They are the ones who suffer the most from ethnic minority ethnocentricism in business and employment. They are the ones being demographically cleansed from certain areas in our largest cities. They are the ones who are constantly berated and demonised by multiculturalists. They are the ones who are not permitted to have a positive ethnic/racial identity when every other group does.

  11. "Racism and discrimination are driving these figures," the Greens' employment spokesman said. (Herald Sun 22/08/2012)"

    Typical left-wing mentality.

    Culturally alien, unproductive, low mean IQ immigrants fail to fit into Western society? It must be all whitey's fault!

    Lawrence Auster nailed it:

    "The failure of the nonwhite population to fit into the society is blamed on the society itself, rather than on the fact that they were admitted in the first place. The white majority starts to be demonized as racist and is systematically silenced, while its civilization is attacked as unrepresentative and begins to be systematically dismantled. The great irony is that the admission of nonwhites is supposed to prove that the society is nonracist and egalitarian, yet the more nonwhites are admitted, the more racist and unequal the society seems."