Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here comes Eastern liberalism

India has only gotten part way through the process of lifting itself out of poverty, but already it's putting its future at risk by adopting liberal policies.

For example, there are plans to change India's family laws to make it easier for women to divorce their husbands. A law reform has been accepted by cabinet which would give women the right to unilaterally and quickly divorce their husbands. The husband would have no such unilateral right; his wife would be allowed to oppose his plea for divorce in the courts:
According to the amendments, while a wife can oppose a husband's plea for a divorce under the new "irretrievable breakdown of marriage" clause, the husband will have no such rights to oppose if the wife moves the court on the same grounds

The Times of India supports the reforms as being in sync with "a modern, liberal society". It makes me wonder if countries like India look at the West as being the "advanced model" of society and try to copy it on that basis. If so, they are not doing themselves any favours. The West did not develop on the basis of easy divorce for women. That is not part of the secret formula for social progress.

There seems to be a decadence creeping into Indian culture. It makes me think that China is the country more likely to push ahead.


  1. Its cos the UN is pushing feminism globally. Throught unifcef and other organisations.

  2. Thanks to the Western world driving globalization, liberalism has become a global phenomenon. Just a few weeks ago my country passed their version of the American VAWA Act. We also have environmentalists gaining ground. Despicable.

  3. This is interesting, in a horrible way. We've become a source of corruption. India's children will suffer from this, and the nation's future will be harmed.

    Are we the index case, patient zero?

  4. Their men copied western ideas, why should the women be left behind?
    They already have indian version of VAWA, then there's the dowry law that might have prevented crimes against some wives, but have also led to husband suicides.

    "Keeping people locked in unhappy marriages does no good to either them or society."

    Just what is this society that they keep harping on?

  5. "Keeping people locked in unhappy marriages does no good to either them or society."

    Unless they're men, in which case who cares if they are happy or not! It only matters if women are happy!