Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Indoctrinated free thinkers

Over at the reddit men's rights page, a young person left a message hostile to the idea of a men's political movement:

LOL men's rights?! Are you kidding me Reddit? White men own this entire planet, lock stock and barrel.

Come on, is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke...

So here is someone who believes that white men own the entire planet and are therefore privileged oppressors who don't need a movement on their behalf.

I responded briefly as folllows:

white men own this entire planet

Is that meant to be a joke? First, women own more of the world's wealth than you imagine:

Women will be the richer sex by 2025, owning 60 per cent of the UK’s personal wealth compared with 48 per cent today, research has revealed. The study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research also found that UK millionaires aged under 45 and over 65 are more likely to be women than men. There are 24 per cent more female millionaires aged between 18 and 44 - 47,355 compared to 37,935 men. Female millionaires aged 65 and over also outnumber their male counterparts - 71,369 compared to 67,865. Researchers found the expected change in personal wealth was due to women performing better in education than men, having higher levels of single home ownership and a longer life expectancy.

Second, whites are being matched by Asians, particularly East Asians, when it comes to wealth and power. In the U.S., for instance, Asians have higher average levels of income than whites. China is now the world's largest export nation; Japan and South Korea also have powerful economies.

So why would anyone imagine that white males own the world? Because it fits into an ideology which tries to explain inequality in terms of one group of people (white men) socially constructing itself and othering everyone else in order to enjoy an unearned privilege. This means that the task of politics becomes to deconstruct the oppressor group.

It's an ideology which never should have been accepted, but these days it's becoming more obviously antiquated.

The reply of the young person to my comment was very interesting:

I don't know, I went to a school that prides itself on free thinking and allowing students to make up their own mind, and it's general consensus that the white male has not only dominated the world the last 3 centuries, but that it has caused by far the most suffering against other people, both for women and other cultures and races.

It shows how clever liberals have been: their indoctrination has had two parts, first, that white men are the evil agents responsible for oppression in society and, second, that the repeated, unceasing promotion of this belief in schools is not indoctrination but is part of a culture of "free thinking and allowing students to make up their own mind".

In other words, they have camouflaged the brainwashing.

In my experience, there are students who don't entirely fall for this: as they get into the senior years they are at least dimly aware that an agenda is being pushed on them that they are expected to go along with. But clearly there are at least some students who go all the way through high school and come out with the views they have been indoctrinated to believe in, including the belief that they have not been indoctrinated but have made up their own mind as a free thinker.


  1. Mark, white men (including jews) do own the world, although yes, the Asians are starting to give us a run for our money.

    The correct response is, the white elite to not care about their fellow whites lower down the ladder and are happy to take up an ideology now matter how ruinous it may be for other whites, in order to advance their interests.

  2. Bob,

    The young person who wrote into reddit has been brought up to believe a specific ideology in which one group is held to create false categories in order to divide society into privileged and oppressed classes. Therefore, there is a structure of society with a dominant class which has to be attacked for a free and equal society to be created.

    This has two consequences:

    a) The structure and history of society is seen to be morally illegitimate, with the exception of acts of resistance to the false category oppressor group


    b) The group tagged as the false category oppressor group is going to be attacked big time - they are treated as a cosmic enemy.

    When the young person states that whites own the world he has something specific in mind: the idea that whites occupy the space of cosmic enemy.

    Is this true? Are whites dominant in this way? Have we created false categories to privilege ourselves at the expense of those we "other"?

    In the face of this we need to emphasise three things:

    a) that whites are "ordinary" in the sense of being a natural category and in the sense that we have gone through periods of advance and periods of decline just like other groups


    b) far from being dominant and in need of deconstruction we are going through a particularly dangerous period of decline, one that threatens our future place in the world


    c) our decline will not herald a new age of freedom and equality - it just means that other countries and peoples will become the new power centres

  3. I love this.

    Reminds me of first day of Legal studies at RMIT.

    The professor told the class "everyone sit where you want, we need to encourage free thinking" so the class arranged their chairs all over the room.

    It shortly became clear that to him this was clearly unacceptable.

    He then rearranged the room so everyone was sitting in a semi-circle with him at the centre.

  4. Mark,

    I have to say that you nailed that guy pretty good. Personally I'm also getting much better at this kind of debate and can increasingly refute the opposition without personal animus.

  5. Reddit is full of teenage, extremely farleft drones.
    Still the sort of thing he says is common.
    Just had an debate with a liberal loved one and the line "i am thinking freely" was used.
    Also there was some implication i was the cosmic enemy by asking "don't you want peace and freedom?"
    this was simply because i wasn't enthusiastic about liberal progressive politics.
    I'm not even religious but...

    God help us.

  6. "Critical thinking" is another code word for "properly indoctrinated with Leftist propaganda".

  7. Ah, the phenomenon of "free thinking" conformity. Liberalism can truly double-think.

  8. Mark take a look at this Bunyipitude blog post about DHS "social workers" terrorizing a family and in particular the father.

    Good God it is scary. These people have so much legal power.


  9. It's always been very strange to me how readily liberals will pat themselves on the back: as if merely being liberal entitles them to assert their smartness.

    Granted, I think I'm smarter than most liberals -- but not simply because I'm a nonliberal but because I've been beating them up intellectually for years without anything more in response than the lefty gasp-and-stutter.

  10. Proph they've been enlightened by "reason" don't you know.

  11. Mark,
    It's ironic that here he's telling you what he learned in his critical thinking school and yet he can't seem to defend his view very well.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the "critical thinking" approach means that the students who accept the indoctrination, will silence, ostracize,or otherwise penalize the ones who don't, so the ones who would challenge the teacher's view learn not to speak up.

  12. WillieMaize,

    The students who recognise they are being indoctrinated fall into two groups.

    Group A: Lower socio-economic group who just couldn't give a damn about what teachers think of them. This group will complain very loudly and defiantly about teacher bias.

    Group B: Higher socio-economic group who want to trust teachers but who begin to recognise that a definite political view is being foisted on them. Usually opt to play along while they're at school so as not to hurt their grades.

  13. @Anonymous "Reddit is full of teenage, extremely farleft drones.
    Still the sort of thing he says is common."

    I wrote something that was offensive to certain people in my church on FB which resulted in a visit from the church minister to give me a dressing down. In the process he made the mistake of telling me that FB is inhabited by lots of young people so we should be careful what we say there.

    I say "mistake" because the moment he told me that in my mind I had a lightbulb moment. I've been wondering how to get at young people in our church and start indoctrinating them with my own ideas which are politically incorrect so far as our church is concerned and deny us a platform to communicate these ideas to those around about us.

    So your admission about the kind of person hanging out on reddit should be seen as a red flag being waved at the likes of us to go on over there and sign up and start brainwashing them "teenage far left drones" with some of our own ideology.

    I notice that the guy expressing the thoughts that inspired this post is beginning to have some thoughts about how free his thinking really has been. Now if we can get more to rethink. We'll have schools and parents banning their kids from Reddit and then they'll come on in droves.

  14. Father Marker

    I am the Anon you are responding to.
    I'm way ahead of you on this is. This is basically what I do. Travel to leftist holes on the internet and defeat them in debate by simply showing them how logically wrong they are.
    I started doing this before I found this site and others.
    I simply could not stand Liberal/leftist thinking. After awhile you learn that a few die hard leftists are just truly insane people (this coming from a person who does not like to casually label people mentally ill)
    As seen with the "sperm milkshake and poo sprinkles" lady. They can be almost killed by their thinking (traveling to a dangerous area) and still not wake up from it, in fact their reaction to debate and traumatic experiences is to become more extreme in their views.

    I've read criticism that people like me are just liberal-haters and we don't offer an alternative.
    Not true. I've always held traditional views and a lot of what I read in the conservative/traditional blogs resonates with me.

    The strength of people like Mark and all convservatives and traditionalist seems to be at the moment two things.
    1) Rational discussion about what is really happening in the world
    2) Uncensored open discussion

    Number 2) is missing in most mainstream forums. Number 1) is important because the left have launched themselves off planet earth into another dimension of lala.
    Even liberals are starting to look at each other and get nervous at their fellows behaviour.

  15. "White men own this entire planet"

    A very small percentage of white men control a lot of the world's economy and politics, it's true. As I've posted elsewhere, this causes many nonwhites to wrongfully blame whites-in-general for the sins of the elite, and ascribe their privileges to all of us. It's a classic case of the apex fallacy, and it couldn't be more wrong.

    The elite whites, judging by their political choices, must deeply hate and fear the rest of the white population. Why? Personally, I’m convinced, that the white elites are all privately racist despite their obligatory politically correct public platitudes — and it is precisely their white-supremacist beliefs that cause them to want to get rid of other whites. They don’t feel threatened by blacks or Mexicans (whom they regard as inferior and easy to manipulate) or Asians (whom they regard as competent but docile) – but they regard nonelite whites as a mortal threat to their power because (in their view), whites and whites alone have the combination of smarts and balls necessary to overthrow them. (I guess after all this time, the American Revolution still gives them nightmares.)

    This is why they demonize us, try to dilute our culture with mass immigration, try to take our guns, etc. We and we alone, in their view, are a threat to them. Socialism (a la comrade Obama et al), is no threat at all; they expect and scheme to be put in charge of any socialist state that is created. Of course they know socialism, for real, doesn't work -that it's logically impossible for it to work -- but they'll gladly co-opt it and pretend as long as they can run it, and because they believe that socialism or at least the appearance of it will placate the masses and keep them controllable.

    And so, white conservatives are the true enemy, since we reject socialism as sinful and unworkable, and dare to ruin their game by openly saying so. The can't refute us and they know it, so they resort, conveniently, to calling us "racists" — which is classic Lefty tactics: Accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing! (Marx).