Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When kinship in the nation goes, the family follows?

Cadel Evans won the Tour de France this year and has now announced that he and his wife are adopting a young child from Ethiopia. It's possible that this is because there are fertility issues and that his wife hasn't been able to fall pregnant. But that's not how they are presenting the decision. They are saying that they always wanted to adopt and that it's how they want to start their family:

"We always felt the strong wish to adopt, so we decided to start our family through adoption."

The explanation jumped out at me because I've read similar comments from Westerners recently - there are people who wish to follow the lead of Angelina Jolie and create a blended adopted/biological family.

And I suppose it's a logical progression for the liberal West. If ties of kinship are held to be meaningless in terms of our larger communal identity, then it's likely to follow that they will be held to be meaningless in our family identity as well.


  1. If you go black, there's no turning back!

  2. I suspect that's a bit of a celebrity thing, having to constantly prove you're as PC as all the other celebrities. But middle-class liberals being as dumb as they are many will no doubt wish to follow the lead of the celebrity trash.

  3. Imagine all the children they could of saved by installing water wells, rather then adopting...

    The amount of money it costs to bring up children this mob could of installed multiple water wells for 20 years at least.

  4. embarrassing but i have the freedom to say this anonymously. My own sweet white girlfriend was so heavily brainwashed with this sort of crap. Before I met her she apparently screamed at her parents defiantly that she would have a black child (knowing her parents this is extremely unlikely that they said anything to warrant this reaction so it must of been a bit of the fevor left over from that days brainwashing at her college). Then even months into our relationship I still had to tell her to shut up about black babies at one point. I said something a long the lines of there will be no black babies if you are with me unless you cheat on me and we are never adopting, end of discussion.
    She got the message I don't think she was being disrespectful to me just she had the residue of this odious brainwashing still in her memory. She now happily gets excited over having blonde and redhaired babies.

  5. I'm sorry, but... I don't see what's wrong with adopting. I've always heard that parents love their adopted children as much as if they were their own. And so many of these children in other countries (like China) are longing for families of their own. I would love to have an adopted brother or sister (and I already have 9 biological siblings). I would also love to adopt a child or two after I get married.
    It seems to me that adopting children is a completely conservative and Christian thing to do (providing you aren't delaying having your own children). And if we Christian conservatives don't adopt them, then the liberals will, and there will be yet more liberals growing up and infecting the country with their ideology.
    Also, for those of us who are Christians, we have been adopted by God into His family. So I don't think there's anything at all wrong with adopting a child, foreign or otherwise.

  6. Laura Elizabeth: "And if we Christian conservatives don't adopt them, then the liberals will, and there will be yet more liberals growing up and infecting the country with their ideology."

    The plan is for conservative Christians to adopt all the babies in the world, leaving none for liberals to adopt?

    And the assumption is that every young child from Ethiopia will be adopted by a White Western couple, and that if it isn't adopted by a Christian conservative couple it will be by a liberal couple?

  7. Laura Elizabeth wrote...

    I'm sorry, but... I don't see what's wrong with adopting.

    In an ideal world adoption is a great idea. In today's world a child from a different culture will be exposed to all sorts of pressures to reject western culture and to embrace their birth culture. So I think it's almost certain to end badly these days.

    Of course the main reason people want to adopt children from other cultures is that there are so few babies available for adoption in western countries, because women are pressured to have abortions rather than being offered the alternative of putting their child up for adoption.

  8. I think adopting thirdworld kids is the same as giving charity to third world nations. Misplaced altruism that rejects your own promixal spheres of relationships with your family, society and people.
    Its the white mans burden taken to the extreme. Are we to save the entire world? I don't want that burden. I don't want to live in a society where there are people who want to force this burden onto my kids.
    Whats more people complain about "racism" whats more racist than the White mans burden principle that white are so inherently superior to the thirdworld that only we can save them all.
    The conclusion is that we become the slave Eloi host and we force the thirdworlders to become parasites unable to take care of themselves and ownership over their lives. Thats against the very definition of "conservatism" as I see it.

    Civilisation will die under this model. Adoption is a feel good indulgence.

  9. I would love to have an adopted brother or sister (and I already have 9 biological siblings). I would also love to adopt a child or two after I get married.


    This, unfortunately, is where the prevailing culture of Christianity shades into liberalism. There is a belief in both that you can have a society based on an abstracted individualism.

    Laura Elizabeth, if everyone were to follow your lead then the definition of family would change radically. It would become "anyone living under the same roof as a unit of society" - which is exactly the meaning liberals want it to have.

    Why then would the average man want to found a family? It would not represent the perpetuation of a lineage or of a larger ethny. It would mean work, but to what purpose?

    The Christian culture of today is in rapid descent - and not only because of the infludence of liberalism, but because it hasn't grounded in its theology the whole man as a spiritual being.

    My guess is that such a Christianity will struggle to hold onto any standards. If familial love is so inclusive that I cannot draw distinctions between my own children and those of other men on other continents, then how likely is it that the concept of familial love will continue to be exclusive when it comes to marriage?

    An abstracted love will justify just about anything when it comes to relationships.

    This really is a big concern. If the best that Christianity can offer men is the chance to raise other men's children, then what kind of hope do we have in holding the line on family. Most men will go off and do their own thing. A few deeply committed altruistic types will be left to be the "fathers" (of other men's children).

  10. I think adopting thirdworld kids is the same as giving charity to third world nations.

    Good point. It's really just another manifestation of white liberal guilt. It's popular among celebrities because it also serves to undermine the traditional family.

  11. Cadel is a nice guy, but he is clearly delusional ...

    Lowri Turner on being the mother of a mixed race baby:

    People say my daughter has my eyes or my mouth, but I know they are just trying to be kind. She looks as similar to me as I do to Naomi Campbell. I didn't expect this to matter to me, but it does.

    Lowri Turner: I love my mixed race baby - but why does she feel so alien?

    Don't get me wrong, I love her... But when I turn to the mirror in my bedroom to admire us together, I am shocked. She seems so alien. With her long, dark eyelashes and shiny, dark brown hair, she doesn't look anything like me.

    I know that concentrating on how my daughter looks is shallow. She is a person in her own right, not an accessory to me. But still, I can't shake off the feeling of unease.

    I didn't realise how much her looking different would matter and, on a rational level, I know it shouldn't. But it does.

  12. Wednesday, 28 December 2011 3:50:00 PM AEDT

    That was supposed to be proximal opps.

  13. Ideologee,

    When I was growing up there was a picture of my great grandmother as a young child hanging on the wall of our sitting room. She was pretty with fair, curly hair.

    When my own daughter grew into a toddler she came to closely resemble my great grandmother.

    It's a profound experience to look into the eyes of my daughter and to see generations of my family reflected in her.

  14. When my own daughter grew into a toddler she came to closely resemble my great grandmother.

    It's a profound experience to look into the eyes of my daughter and to see generations of my family reflected in her.

    This is something I find fascinating and it surprises me that some people don't value or appreciate it. A few years go my Aunt sent me a number of scans of very old family photos and as I was looking through them, I was stunned to find that I share a surprising similarity in looks to my great great grandmother - the first to come out to New Zealand from Ireland. It's uncanny, it's almost as if it's a black and white photo of me standing there in an old-fashioned dress. My parents were shocked when they saw it, too.

  15. Brambleberry. I visited a very old national art gallery in Northern Europe once. There were some classical paintings depicting women from hundreds of years ago in that country. The friend of a friends daughter looked identical to the woman I saw in one painting. It was more that the girl I saw in real life was a living record of the past. I've never seen a clearer example of that in my life in Australia. Sure people have passing similarities but to actually look identical to someone from hundreds of years ago from the same ethnic group.
    That means something. There are ethnic groups worldwide that have happily existed unchanged for centuries.

  16. It's cruel to remove a black child or Asian child and bring them to somewhere like Australia far away from their own people. It's selfish rather than selfless. Imagine for a second if rich Africans or Asians were adopting poor Whites. How would you feel about that? White women will be the death of the West. No radar for danger. Too blinkered. Too much Oxytocin.

  17. Logically to save the world by adopting and donating money you would need one white family for each of the 5 billion+ thirdworld babies that exist now and are being born. Then we would each have to donate one million dollars for each of the 5 billion+ thirdworlders to ensure they can live off this for the rest of their lives.
    Seems veeeerrrrry viable.
    Is this somesort of Superman syndrome that makes certain White people think they can save the world by hemorrhaging our money and resources into the thirdworld. Could this explain why Western politicians like to donate billions to "developing" "thirdworld" countries with stronger economies then the donating Western countries. Some of them even have space programs that the donating Western countries lack.
    Or is it that these politicians are just the same misguided Christian/liberal ideological hybrid that thinks adopting and donating is doing "good"
    Or maybe they are just traitors.

  18. As far as adoption goes, even in inter-country adoption, colour me sceptical.

    I essentially think that teenage and all single mothers have a duty to their child, errors aside and vice versa where it applies in a male counterpart situation.

    There's another adoption 'market' and I say this in a shuddering term, with white children adopted out as newborns, with single mothers, men who lost their wife/partner, encouraged to give this children up. Adoption agencies make vast money, promote not holding their child because we know in most cases a mother's natural instincts will kick in and who takes these children? Usually non-blood kin with recorded worse relationships than they would with their real family- leftist liberals, because to them, a baby is just a commodity.

    They have huge issues with adopting older children, all because unlike younger ones who just feel different- these children know their blood ties.

    With the 'processes', they make it near impossible for a conservative couple to adopt. I believe in adoption in rare circumstances, like no family surviving- in an orphan's case and I am against adoption from other countries.

    Adoptive parents have tried to hide the truth, but blood is thicker than water. We form relationships, some akin to family with our friends and neighbours but the family you come from is an ‘always’ bond.
    Children belong with their parents-not a liberal 'working couple' whose best times are in the first few months with that newborn, before the cracks show up- especially as these people are too selfish to do the right thing.

    Sometimes, the whole matter of a couple especially the adoptive mother telling a child that she is her real mother and there is no other- disgusts me.

    There's an episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler adopt and I cringe at their actions. Neither deserved the twins, especially after their lying that they were 'Christian missionaries' and there was not a single shred of guilt on their ends, or for taking children away from Erica who didn't get to hold either child once. Because if there had been a scene like that, like with Phoebe earlier on in the show acting surrogate for family- Monica and Chandler would have looked like the vultures they were.

    It was an advertisement for liberal adoption schemes- where do you think they'll get children from when they don't have their own? They shame single mothers, fathers and poor families more than conservatives- using the belief we have in the traditional family in the single parent’s case against us.

    The ironic thing is, unlike this article- race and ethnicity matters to the liberals more than they can admit.
    Point in case in America, where if you are a young single black mother you are encouraged to keep your child because white couples don't want to adopt black babies, but young single Caucasian women are preyed on to be advised for every reason under the sun to give their baby up.