Tuesday, November 08, 2011

George Frederic Watts

George Frederic Watts was an English painter of the Victorian era. He attempted to create paintings that "speak to the imagination and to the heart and arouse all that is best and noblest in humanity" - a very different credo to the modernist idea that the purpose of art is to shock the public.

One of his most popular paintings was Sir Galahad (1862):

This one is titled Choosing:

This one Prayer:

This is a portrait of Jane Senior:


  1. Prefer this type of fine art to that of the hideous latter "art" of Picasso, for example.

  2. Please don't remind me of what art has become in the west.

    The difference between Picasso, Dali et al from their modern students is that they COULD paint representatively or in the impressionist mould, they simply chose not to.

    Most modern abstract painters and other such "artists" cannot paint a rainbow. So they choose to depict abstractly what they could not do justice to.

    And then the rest of us pay absurd amounts of tax dollars to support the pretentious wankers.

  3. These are beautiful, as are the paintings of Edmund Burne-Jones. To say that I despise modern 'art' is a huge understatement.
    My dad was once watching a 1980s detective show (it might have been The Rockford Files) and the detective met a guy who did modern art. He asked the artist what one of the paintings was supposed to be of, and the artist replied that it was supposed to show how he was feeling when he painted it. To which the detective replied,
    "You must have been feeling pretty bad!"

  4. He was a fine painter from an era when art was still allowed to celebrate beauty.