Sunday, August 05, 2007

Winning over the audience

You may have already seen this via Lawrence Auster. It shows a mobile phone salesman from Wales, a nervous, ordinary looking man, fronting up to a sceptical audience and winning them over within seconds with some very traditional Western culture.


  1. Just came across this article today...(featuring Prof Putnam)
    The downside of diversity

  2. from your article mikeray:

    In his paper, Putnam cites the work done by Page and others, and uses it to help frame his conclusion that increasing diversity in America is not only inevitable, but ultimately valuable and enriching.

    Yeah if we haven't all killed each other in a massive civil war before we get to the lovely nirvanic stage of "enrichment."

    Where I live people are fleeing "enrichment" en masse. Good luck with constructing your new "us" Mr. Putnam. Unfortunately for you the US is a big place and it's quite easy to flee all that wonderful "enrichment" you keep telling us about.

    What an idiot, he hasn't learned a bloody thing from his research.

  3. There is always the possibility that even though his findings go against the "progressive" grain, he feels the need to the make contrary conclusions otherwise the research would never get published.

  4. PS:

    From Michael Jonas, 'The Downside of Diversity', The Boston Globe, 5 August 2007 (@ 6 August 2007):

    "Putnam has struggled with how to present his work"

    Why would he "struggle" with how to "present" something that is apparently the product of dispassionate scientific research?

    Does this mean he has "presented" with ease, contrary findings?

  5. From the article:

    ...what is unusual is that Putnam has published findings as a social scientist that are not the ones he would have wished for as a civic leader. There are plenty of social scientists, says Wolfe, who never produce research results at odds with their own worldview.


    And check out diversity in action here :

    A teenage science student has been banned from applying for a training programme with the Environment Agency because she is white and English.

  6. mikeray

    The issue is quite tragic for the indigenous British. In the US we whities are constantly being told by the left that we do not own the land because we are not indigenous and therefore we have no right to keep other people out of our country. But the British ARE the "indigenous" and they are ALSO being told by the left that THEY have no right to keep people out of their land. Another case of the slimey, blatant double standards of the left and their endless culture wars. Basically the left just hates whte people -- not just our culture, not just the economic system we invented, not just our technological advancements -- but US. And most of them are white themselves but somehow think that they and there children will be exempt from the results of their demonization of white people. I guess they believe that there will always be a white majority land somewhere that they can flee to in order to escape the results of their policies.

  7. It is so rare to hear a woman say these things. And so refreshing too.

    I don't mean to offend anyone by saying that; it's just that every single woman I know is either a flaming leftie or centre-left at best...

    I just don't get it; one would think that woman, who are the mothers in the world, would have a protectionist, even nationalist, way of seeing things...

  8. Well it's kind of hard to ignore what's going on in the US these days -- . Lots of money -- and power -- to be had in the US these days by race-baiting whitey. For myself, my life is more than half over, but when I look at my young children, my young BLONDE and BLUE-EYED CHILDREN, I suddenly don't want to live in a world that's ruled by the following paradigms:

    --Only white people can be racist. White people are guilty of "racism" no matter how much they try to appease "people of color."

    --"People of color" are always right when facing off in a conflict with bad, evil whitey, no matter what the merits of the cause.

    --It's "racist" for white people to organize and work for their own interests, but it's perfectly fine for Asians, blacks, East Indians, and Hispanics to do the same. The little girl down the street is free to join the "Latino" after school club but there's no after-school clubs for "European-Americans" like my children because that would be "racist."

    --Newly come immigrants from Asia, Africa, and Latin America and even whiter-than-white people from Spain or Portugal can automatically get "racial preferences" in college placements, tuition scholarships, jobs, government contracts etc,over me (and my children) despite the fact that I have lived here all my life and paid taxes to the US, local, and state governments for 30 years. Under US "diversity" laws, this is true even if the newly come immigrants are wealthy Japanese or South Koreans, or members of the ultra-wealthy corrupt Latin American elite, or even the son of the King of Spain. What matters is your skin color or -- in the case of the "Latinos", just having Spanish as your first language, and you are voila! members of an "oppressed" minority and you get to walk in front of all the evil bad white Anglo-Americans who are the descendents of the people who built this country. Meanwhile Eastern European immigrants get nothing even though they may actually be poorer and more genuinely oppressed than a rich South Korean or Latin American immigrant.

    The immense propaganda and lies it takes to enforce the above absurdities is almost more of a turn-off than the absurdities themselves. PeeCee is everywhere in the US, it's so oppressive that you can't breathe -- I don't think we're too far from burning books nowadays. I don't want my kids imbibing this kind of poison into their impressionable minds and I really don't know what to do about it. The whole Western World seems to be imbibing the same kind of insanity.