Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cordelia on the metrosexual male

Cordelia, of Viking Princess fame, has written a list comparing the qualities of her ideal man with those of metrosexuals.

It's an interesting read. Cordelia is not concerned to uphold PC platitudes when writing about relationships, so it's refreshingly open and frank.

Personally, I think she describes the traditional male mindset pretty well. For instance, one of her preferred qualities of a traditional man is:

Doesn’t feel intimidated by an intelligent woman. She is no competition to him. Appreciates the fact that she is intelligent.

Feminist women sometimes take the attitude that men just can't take being intellectually inferior to them. What this misses is that a self-confident, masculine male is unlikely to assume that he is intellectually inferior. Men who have this attitude can find female intelligence appealing, without any sense of it threatening their own identity or standing.


  1. True.

    Something that can be added (and this is admittedly only my experience thus anecdotal in value), is that most of those feminists who make a big fuss about men's inability to deal with an intelligent women, often confuse intelligence with their own unique brand of arrogant egoism. Something so common among the left-radicals of our time.

  2. More precisely, the feminists who profess that men are afraid (Afraid?..seriously ladies, c'mon) of intelligent/independent women are confusing intelligence with belligerence.

    I have no interest arguing with a feminist (while trying to be as charitable to her as possible) that, if push came to shove, I could out-perform her in almost any syntax she’d care to mention.

    But it’s not about that.

    The feminists have missed the point, that by pitting men against women… they’ll be left alone. If feminists continue the ideal that women must continue to (by rhetoric alone) ‘put men in their place’ – then I can’t see what there is for men (not males) to be attracted to.

    Blurring the lines in the name of the feminist idea that “everyone/thing is the same”, and THEN simultaneously professing that “women are better”, begs the question…. How is this politic even tolerated? – and why are these ladies complaining about the ‘lack of men’ if they think we're so aweful or childish?

    Is it any wonder that more and more men are opting away from modern women (which most women are, since they gladly follow feminist ideals in relation to their views of men) , when there is almost no attractive attributes to being in a couple for men?


  3. I'm amused at the notion that a lesser man would feel intimidated by a feminist's intelligence.

    This seems to explain the rise of the metrosexual where a boy looks to exalt physical attributes as the primary masculine essence. A metrosexual male is the very definition of a lesser man.

    But these modern male imposters have the added benefit of appearing "smart" to these intelligent feminists because by making physical appearance their highest virtue, feminists really have come to believe in their superior intelligence.

    A real man would scoff at the idea of a competition in intelligence between men and women as he would such a competition in physical combat. He would no more make an assertion as to his superior mental intelligence as he would make an assertion as to his physical dominance. Feminists want to believe there is such competition with real men, but they are merely competing with their own creation of lesser men, the metrosexuals.

  4. Aside from sexuality, when one observes metrosexuals, they seem to be about as 'masculine' as a homosexual man.

    That is - a feminine sensibility in a male body.

    "A real man would scoff at the idea of a competition in intelligence between men and women.."

    Unfortunately 'real men' (Something one hears many women complain about a LACK of), have all but disappeared in today's world, as males subjugate themselves to the position that ONLY the feminine 'approval system' of thought is the only thing by which to live their live by.

    It's a sad state of affairs in our culture, where too much 'testosterone' is an acceptable thing to eliminate (such as sports, drugs, etc) - while estrogen is celebrated & even ADDED into our food products (like soy milk).

    It's sad to see the elimination of masculinity compounding over time - but more irritating to hear constant complaints about 'why' its happening, while feminism continues to handcuff masculinity without opposition.

    Truly unfathomable.