Saturday, October 28, 2006

Isn't this bit of the mufti's speech even worse?

Australia's top Muslim, Sheik al-Hilaly, has been under fire for blaming women for rape in a recent speech. What I haven't seen commented on, though, is an even more objectionable part of the same speech.

The sheik spends much of the speech condemning the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity as a form of polytheism. This is not what concerns me, as it seems reasonable for a religious leader to criticise the theology of other religions.

However, just see where this criticism of Christian "polytheism" ends up. Here is the quote:

Why wasn't the verse ended with forgiveness and mercy? Because there is a crime of polytheism. God does not forgive polytheism, and forgives everything else. These people [Christians] said that God took a son, these people said that divinity united with man, and the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and they will see mercy? They will never see it, not him or his father. Not dad or mum. No one will see mercy, of those who believe in polytheism ....

Those who disbelieve amongst the people of the Book and the polytheists, where will they go? Surfers Paradise? Gold Coast? Where? To the fire of hell. And not part-time, they'll be in it for eternity. What are these people? The most evil of God's creation on the face of the earth. The issue is clear.

What does this mean? When the sheik speaks of the disbelievers amongst the people of the Book and the polytheists, does he mean the atheists amongst the Australian people or is he referring (as the context implies) to Christians as well.

Why hasn't a mainstream journalist (or none that I'm aware of) sought to clarify this issue? Does nobody care if the leading Muslim cleric labels mainstream Australians as "The most evil of God's creation on the face of the earth"?


  1. Mark what the shiek preached - about women, Christians, Jews, being inferior etc etc - was standard Muslim fare. Christians who know their God as Trinity (that would be me too) are guilty of shirk. To address God as Father is punishable by death (of course as Christians, like Jews we can accept dhimmitude instead. The infidels get no deal).

    You should not be surprised at that. Rather you should be offended that men and women are reduced to animals in Islamic thought.

    There should be no restriction on people dissecting theology. In fact I encourage it. It is about time people started informing themselves of what Christianity, Judaism and Islam, not to mention Hinduism etc *really* teach. All men were created equal. Or religions ain't equal. Contrary to what the ill informed will tell you Christians, Jews and Mulsims do not worship the same god.


  2. Hey! I live on the Gold Coast. Does that mean I am going to hell?

  3. Gold Coast Anonymous, not only going to hell, but the very emblem of evil in the eyes of the sheik.

    Dogfight at B, I'm gradually becoming more aware of the kind of orthodox beliefs within Islam you refer to.

  4. what did the mufti say at his last summon?
    At least there was no repeat off ....violent backlashes as, I do think might have happenend, had he not recalled any rallies that people might have organised in his favour.............................YEP he has got a little power...and maybe wisdom.

    What he said, (and I am a young woman), doesn't it make so much sense somehow without the propagandic translastion(s)