Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three surrender monkeys

Not everyone has the spirit of survival in them. Just in the past week I've happened to read no less than three declarations of civilisational surrender. Readers can decide for themselves which is the most appalling.

First up is Christabelle Dinks, a script editor for a forthcoming BBC programme Rise and Fall of Rome. She sees Britain today as being in a,

period of transformation ... other civilisations are taking over ... and what's to mourn really.

What’s to mourn really? Can you get a more denatured, whimpering remark than this?

Next we have an Australian writer, Stephanie Dowrick. After pondering the violent situation in the world today she finally comes up with the following solution:

The crucial issue may, instead, be one of surrender. (The Age 16/09/06)

Stephanie Dowrick is so defeatist she wants us to wave the white flag.

Which brings us to Piet Hein Donner, the Dutch Justice Minister who said in a recent interview:

For me it is clear: If two-thirds of the Dutch population should want to introduce Sharia tomorrow the possibility should exist. It would be a disgrace to say: “That is not allowed.”

Donner has accepted on principle the idea that Holland could come under Sharia law. No-one with a normal loyalty to his own tradition would so readily accept such a possibility.

Three people, each capitulating feebly in contemplating the end of their own civilisation.

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  1. It is sad.

    There's a notion in our marxist-feminist world, that it's criminal to even suggest that you wish to stand by a tradition, a group, or a race. (Even in a positive & non-racist sense). It seems that we must always change into the unknow from generation-to-generation and scratch our heads when we have no idea what we're doing. It's sad to watch petulant children running the world, regardless of age.

    Im waiting for the future, where it's perfectly 'acceptable' to abandon our families (read; tradition/values) as they do everything else. Come to think of it, we are seeing it unfold in the dissintegration of marriage, pension, and old-people forgotten. Most modern people are only concerned with 'today', and 'themselves'. Tomorrow be damned.

    Yeah - 'real' progress.