Thursday, July 22, 2004

Objecting to happy children

An abortion clinic in Perth, Western Australia, has filed an objection to the local council over plans to build a child care centre on an adjoining block.

According to the mayor, the main reason why the abortion clinic objected to the proposed child care centre was that,

their clients would be hopping out of their car to enter the back door of the clinic and would hear the voices of children and I guess they felt that was going to emotionally upset them.

It would be an emotional situation for someone who's decided to have an abortion and then the last thing they hear before they enter the clinic is the happy voices of children.

But doesn't this objection let the cat out of the bag? If it's true, as the abortion industry claims, that the foetus is just a meaningless collection of cells and that women don't suffer any psychological problems from abortion, then why would a woman about to proceed with an abortion feel any emotional upset at the sight of happy children?

Obviously, the abortion clinic itself knows that something more is at stake, something that is difficult for women to take emotionally. Hence the fear of exposing women to the sight of children happily at play.

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