Wednesday, June 23, 2004

New Swedish Party

Trevor Stanley has some interesting information about the election results in Sweden for the European Parliament.

Sweden is the country left liberals love the most, since it's long been dominated by left liberal parties which have pushed the modern welfare state further than elsewhere.

The election results show how strong the left liberal stranglehold is. Of the eight parties to win seats, four are very obviously left liberal and they won 11 out of 19 seats. This is not including the centre party and the small-l liberals (wets), who won an extra three seats. To put this another way, the mainstream right liberals and the Christian Democrats only won 5 out of 19 seats.

The good news is that a small new party was successfully registered for the elections, which Trevor Stanley believes to be of a truly conservative type. He translates the party's name as "Right Conservative" which differentiates it nicely from "Right Liberal".

I don't read Swedish well enough to understand the website of the Right Conservative Party, but I do hope it grows into a genuine traditionalist conservative alternative to the established liberal parties.

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