Sunday, October 16, 2016

Swedish feminists demonstrate in support of men?

There is a feminist political party in Sweden called Feminist Initiative. On its Facebook page there is an entry from the party's sex policy representative. She writes in support of a proposed new law by which a rape could be proved when there is no resistance. Predictably, she also wants an education campaign that targets masculinity:
Feminist Initiative wants the government to allocate resources for an education initiative about how power structures are supported by ideas of masculinity in which the right to exercise control is an important part. Such training should also include questions about sexuality, gender perspective, lgbtq plus issues and knowledge of men's violence against women. Such skills should be a mandatory part of the training in the police, health service and the judiciary.

But what happens if an alleged rapist is not an ethnic Swede but an immigrant? Does all this still apply? Apparently, the answer is no. A disabled Swedish woman has alleged that she was raped by a group of asylum seekers in Gotland. The reaction of Feminist Initiative? To organise a demonstration in support of the accused men:
We want to show that we do not accept the simplistic description of the need to protect Swedish women from external threats, says Lisa Tune Farm, Feminist Initiative, Gotland.

It's difficult to see this ending well. Feminist Initiative thinks that it is supporting Swedish women by:

a) using the issue of rape to introduce education campaigns intended to emasculate Swedish men


b) denying that there is a need to protect Swedish women from external threats

Note too that once again the "intersectional" politics of the left puts race above sex, so that even a feminist party believes that male asylum seekers should get more priority as a group than Swedish women.

Finally, in an age old story, some very masculine men (of the kind that Swedish feminists want to deconstruct) are the ones actually protecting women in the Middle-East (see here).


  1. “But what happens if an alleged rapist is not an ethnic Swede but an immigrant? Does all this still apply? Apparently, the answer is no.”

    That is correct and possibly also the most central observation that you can make about modern feminists. It is not about equality or rights for women or anything like that. It is about dislike/contempt for the existing males and a very strong will to replace them. The issue of rape illustrates this perfectly, in my opinion.

    In Sweden, as in many other western states, the term “rape” has gradually become extended to the point that most of the male population is now guilty of this crime on paper. In Canada it is rape if you have sex with a woman if she has had a few drinks and the same is coming in the US and in practice also applies in Sweden. Australians are, I assume, all familiar with the absurd case of Julian Assange. The women that started this are active feminists and that very much include the prosecutor. From any sort of common sense, it should be obvious that nothing even remotely similar to rape transpired. Still, a regular white Swedish male would just have been convicted and put in prison. Far more absurd allegations than the Assange case has had that outcome.

    Feminists have been the driving force behind this development and they have met very little resistance. No decent white man wants to stand up and argue these points in public.

    But at the same time as the feminists have been fighting all out to paint all regular white males as rapists, they have been fighting equally hard to downplay the absolutely savage habits of many newcomers. This is not something new, but has been the case ever since the immigration from MENA to Sweden started in the mid 1980ies. Now we are talking acts that any sane person would call rape and in many cases of a type that simply did not exist before. And the number of these cases just kept growing in proportion the inflow of the new “vibrant” groups. But the feminists did everything they could to downplay this and instead went even harder after the existing males. It was all their fault!

    As is mentioned in here, there was now an almost unbelievable act on the island of Gotland (a very, very quaint and scenic place). A young woman in a wheelchair was raped by 5-6 newcomers. This led to a dramatic reaction among the local population, and a movement led by a local 26 year old woman became very big very fast. They took to the streets and really started to make noise. In this horrible tragedy, this is something very positive.

    But the feminists are now going all out in attacking the protesters!!!! As stated before, this is not something new. They have done the same over and over in similar cases.

    So what we have here is a very systematic and long term behavior that in summary means that all efforts are made to vilify the very harmless local males and at the same time excuse and protect groups that are simply barbaric in their relations to women.

    For a long time, I assumed that this was due to the feminists simply being stupid or crazy or something along those lines. But I now feel compelled to abandon this view. The very dramatic development in Sweden is now so obvious to anybody living there, that it is no longer possible to assume that the feminists don’t see it. And at the same time, they are only getting more radical and are now also openly aligning themselves with hard-line Muslims.

    (continues below)

  2. As much as it pains me to admit, Occam’s razor really only presents one alternative at this point: the feminists wants this. There seems to be a horrible and almost mechanical process at work here. The more power and influence that women are given, the more they dislike and hate the men that has allowed this. And needless to say, I realize that it is not all women, but at the same time there is a powerful group dynamic going on. Among young Swedish women (18-29 years), 10% seems to support this radical feminist-muslim party. And when I say radical, I mean RADICAL! We are talking foaming around the mouth fanatics.

    Furthermore, it is also clear that the only anti immigration party has the weakest support among young women. As a matter of fact, the anti-immigration party is now the only party with a majority of male voters. All other parties have majority female support. In a very broad sense, it is fair to say that domestic women are voting to replace the domestic men, and the men are voting against this.

    On a more positive note, the reaction in Gotland was something new and really, really scared the elite. A very meaningful number of locals reacted in an open and public way. It came very, very close to pitchforks and shotguns. Apart from the predictable reaction from the feminists, the government and media came down harder than ever before. The island of Gotland is several hours by boat from the mainland and has a very small police force. But now they transported a massive force in from the capital and really came down on the dissidents hard. The media has joined in 100% and the informal leader of the protests is now being painted as a Nazi in a deeply dishonest way.

    In addition, there were very large internet problems on the island during these days and the largest dissident site on the mainland also stopped working for long periods. Maybe it requires a tin foil hat to connect this to the unfolding events. 5 or 10 or even 1 year ago, I would have said so. Now, it seems far less clear.

    (Sorry if the comment got to long! It is very difficult to be brief on these matters.)

  3. I love the idea of radical femenist muslim, surely they are candidates for the funny farm, the best place for them to work out their convalutex tiny minds.

  4. This hatred of male (christian) society is no inexplicable aberration, it is promoted with purpose in universities the world over. Feminism - where it is not interested in seeking material and social power for women - is thoroughly invested in harming western christian society. Indeed it is the western christian male who is the source of all contemporary and historical oppression and therefore it is a moral imperative that he be usurped and his culture destroyed in order to make way for "alternative" society.

    The worst part about all this is that these people have institutional support. This is something I think moderate liberals simply do not grasp; or when they do grasp it, they defend this situation on principles of freedom of speech, academic freedom, and so on. Moreover they routinely characterise Feminism's opponents as dumb extremists and bigots. They see these gender-radicals as fringe and a cost we should bear in order to progress to a more perfect society, not realising the real power they can wield for destructive means. But it is getting harder and harder to ignore them.

    Nothing short of cultural and institutional revolution will stop these people. Nature abhors a vacuum, and where the western male has been neutered and his religion rendered dumb and passive, others will seek to occupy its cultural vacancy. And here Islam presents itself, aided in its goals of cultural domination by a circus of cultural vandals, post-modernists, feminists, anti-racists, multiculturalists, artists, politicians, and economists. They denigrate the west any chance they get while sneering at any notion of european ethnic cultural solidarity. This is how you can spot them.

    1. "Nothing short of cultural and institutional revolution will stop these people."

      Yes, you can't have them control all the institutions of a community and then wonder why they always succeed in their aims. Either we build to a level that we can challenge them in the existing institutions or we build our own institutions. Being right as an individual is important as a first step but it doesn't change the overall drift of a society.

  5. No need to apologise. A very instructional comment. It is increasingly obvious that the place for women is in the home. They are too emotional and irrational to be allowed any power. The inevitable outcome of their policies is a much more severe imprisonment within the home.

    You say that the most radical feminists want this. Perhaps this demonstrates that their feminine instincts are predominating over their reason. Their natural instinct is to be subservient to men and, since this instinct has been betrayed by those Swedish men who have co-operated in their own self-emasculation, they are now turning to men who have no time for such nonsense. The tragedy for Swedish women is that it will be too late for them when they discover that these exotic faraway hills are not so green. In the days of Christendom, men ruled women with the firm hand the latter really prefer, but also they were treated with the utmost respect, speaking in general terms, of course.

    We in the rest of the West can only hope that their sisters here will learn from the fate of their Swedish counterparts, but I wouldn't bet my house on it. I wouldn't dare show this post of mine to the females in this household because I want to eat dinner tonight and there's no real reasoning with women.

    1. There's definitely no reasoning with feminists.

      I suspect that a lot of ordinary women, even in Sweden, are worried by this madness but they're too scared to speak out. Feminists hate men but they hate normal heterosexual women even more.

    2. @ Michael Leahy,

      "A very instructional comment."

      Thank you!

      "Their natural instinct is to be subservient to men and, since this instinct has been betrayed by those Swedish men who have co-operated in their own self-emasculation, they are now turning to men who have no time for such nonsense."

      Yes, something like that! Sure, it is a big question and many different feminists, etc, etc, but what you write still captures something that seems to be valid in general for this group.

      "We in the rest of the West can only hope that their sisters here will learn from the fate of their Swedish counterparts, but I wouldn't bet my house on it."

      Sweden is ahead in this development, but not by much. Very similar things are happening in most western countries. The feminists are also much, much stronger on international co-operation than their main opposition, the nationalist. A professional Swedish feminist would have no problem getting established in the UK or the USA. For the nationalist, it is the opposite. They may not even be allowed to enter other western countries, like Wilders not being let in to the UK.

      There are also some women that are reacting and taking an active role in the various dissident moments, but they are a very small minority.

      My view is that the only likely way to break this development is for western men to become more masculine. It is starting to happen to some extent in Europe, but we are coming from a very low level. Will we get to where we need to be before it is to late? Objectively, you have to say that it is looking glum, but it can change fast. Swedish or German or UK men may look like wimps at the moment, but we all know that if we truly stood up, all this nonsense would be gone in a matter of months. The only real and effective opposition against us is in our own heads. Everything that is happening is because we allow it.

      Finally, I think that this blog is really in the forefront of something very important. Even if we are all focused on our own local issues, all western traditionalists are facing very similar problems and the opposition is global. If we are to have any chance, we MUST support each other. That this Australian blog shows so much positive interest in the various European movements is something that I find very hopeful. Thank you for this!

    3. all western traditionalists are facing very similar problems and the opposition is global. If we are to have any chance, we MUST support each other. That this Australian blog shows so much positive interest in the various European movements is something that I find very hopeful.

      EuroSwede, thank you. I think we've been isolated for so long, that it is particularly heartening to read of the efforts of movements in other countries.

  6. Feminism really is driving Sweden insane. Feminism is one of the many "isms" of cultural Marxism such as "racism," "sexism, "ageism," "fatism" and these labels sit side by side the invented "phobias" such as "homophobia," "transphobia" and "Islamaphobia." Feminism's target is mostly white Western males for whom the feminist has the utmost contempt. They have little or no contempt and little or no condemnation for sex-mad Muslim males, and Sweden in particular, seems willing to sacrifice the safety of its women on the altar of Islam-loving multiculturalism. Sadly, many Western men are living lives of sexual anarchy and drunkenness, the kind of life that feminism encourages men and women to live. The effects of the sexual revolution has been disastrous and only a return to Biblical morality and traditional roles for men and women will stem the tide of wickedness. I write from Northern Ireland and I stood as an Independent Christian candidate in three recent elections. I did not succeed in getting elected but simply being a candidate gave me the opportunity to call for a return to Biblical morality and my manifesto reflected this as I opposed adultery, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, Islam, dangerous drugs, sex education in schools etc etc. This is a woman writing this comment and many feminists in Northern Ireland see me as their nemesis.

    1. "The effects of the sexual revolution have been disastrous"

      This is all too correct. Things are continuing to unravel. I had a brief discussion recently with some of the senior girls I teach, after overhearing them talking excitedly about a new 50 Shades of Grey film (or book?). They are amongst the nicest girls at the school, but their romantic aspirations are now terribly distorted by the loss of traditional culture. I doubt if ordinary men are now going to be adequate for them - they are being set up for lifelong discontent in relationships. Many of them are already jaded and see love as something quaint that existed in the 1950s but is now irrevocably lost. It is all now about undisciplined sexual impulse.

  7. Female Protestor Against Muslim Gang-Rape Attacked As ‘Nazi’, As Sweden Named ‘Best Nation For Girls’