Thursday, November 14, 2013

Women for Men

A new website called Women for Men has been launched. If you read the mission statement you'll notice that some of its aims fit in well with traditionalism.

First, there is a recognition that equality doesn't have to mean sameness:
At WFM, we know there’s an alternative view of equality than the one our culture teaches. The word equal implies two things are interchangeable, which men and women are not. That doesn’t mean the sexes aren’t equally valuable...It just means that, generally speaking, men and women choose different life paths based on their inherent, biological differences.

Second, the website breaks with the portrayal of men as privileged oppressors of women:
The American male is tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with him. He’s tired of getting shafted in family courts, or even in college tribunals, where men are assumed guilty until proven innocent. Decades of feminist propaganda have landed us in a place where women are hailed as heroes, and men are viewed as perpetrators—or just losers.

That’s what WFM seeks to remedy. The battle of the sexes will begin to erode when America stops making men pay for women’s so-called oppression. If we do, marriages and relationships will improve—as will the health of the American family.

The founders of the site are well-known authors and commentators. I'll be following the future development of Women for Men with much interest.


  1. Not fully related to this post, but you occasionally present an example from the main stream media of a successful career woman who laments how her pursuit of career has ruined her family life. Erin Callan, former CFO of former Lehman Brothers, writes in exactly such a manner. I thought the following link might be relevant to this site and of interest to you.

    New York Times' heading: Is There Life After Work?
    By ERIN CALLAN Published: March 9, 2013

  2. Another woman advocate for men and their legitimate role and interests is Karen Straughan, Girl Writes What - - I've found her videos very insightful and always worth watching.