Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A few things

I've been a bit busy and haven't posted lately. So here are a few quick stories.

The first is that Roger Daltrey, frontman of The Who, has criticised the Labour Party in Britain for undermining the jobs of working-class Britons through a policy of open borders.

Mark Moncrieff at Upon Hope has written an interesting post on the Australian Liberal Party. He believes, rightly in my view, that the attempt at "fusionism" in the Liberal Party hasn't worked out well.

Some American research has shown that if men do traditionally masculine work around the home they're more likely to get lucky with the missus, but if they do traditionally feminine work they're less likely. That's predictable. It's my experience that my wife is always a lot more impressed when I can fix things or put things together or engage in father/child activities or do some of the yard work than if I do laundry or kitchen work. I don't think that means that men shouldn't help out as appropriate, but it's not wise for men to do so expecting that it will improve their chances in the bedroom.

Finally, here's another report, which suggests that the Swedish model isn't that kind to men. It seems that the work/life balance for men in Sweden is especially complicated. Because they are expected to do the traditional maternal work, they experience pressure from their family life intruding into their work life. But they are still expected at the same time to be the primary breadwinners and so their work commitments also interfere with their family time.

I hope to get back to some regular posting soon.


  1. From the Slate article: "Sweden has half the equation down, with a structure that demands accountability from dads. But men’s higher status at the workplace is a double-edged sword for them. Yes, they make more money, but they also have more stress. This is a reason for Swedish men to embrace an even more radical feminism, actually: If their wives become just as valuable at work as they are, the stress can be parceled out fairly."

    Remember, kids. The more poison you take, the healthier you will be.

  2. Shows that governments are still deluded into thinking men and women can hold precisely the same status, value and responsibility at work and at home at the same time. Clearly it doesn't matter how much poison we have to swallow to make this so...