Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some good reads

I don't have time to put together a post myself, but I've been collecting a few good reads from around the "tradosphere".

So here goes:

Luke Torrisi has a post up on the value of tradition at Sydney Trads. It focuses on what can be done at home to encourage a sense of belonging to a tradition. I share Luke Torrisi's interest in some of the older literature for children - it is definitely an achievable aim of even a moderately sized movement to republish some of this literature. (The post comes up better on Google Chrome for me than my version of Internet Explorer).

Mark Moncrieff has been writing up a storm at his new blog Upon Hope. It's great to have a second traditionalist site in Melbourne, so I'd encourage readers to keep visiting. Have a browse through, but the style of Mark's writing is evident in posts like this (the stages of liberal reform) and this (what is really meant when liberals use terms like sexist).

Vanessa from Traditional Christianity ponders the issue of what a Christian women aims for in her appearance and dress in this post. Part of her answer is that "feminine beauty is a gift we bestow upon others. It puts a smile on the face of the people around us and it reminds them of the good things in the world."


  1. I read some of Vanessa's writings on her blog. I thought they were a good read.
    Until I happened on her "White men are evil" blog post where she seemed to rant about the Boston Bombers being White and an example of White evil.

    Can you explain this?

  2. Article in question

    "Truth is, angry Muslim men are scary. Angry white Muslim men are very scary. I don’t believe in “white male privilege”, but I do have enough grasp of history to know that white men ended up in power over and over and over again because they’re freaking scary."



    April 20, 2013

    Our favorite racists are claiming that Chechens aren’t really white. LOL"

  3. I think she was just having a little fun with that post.