Sunday, March 25, 2012

The soaring Ulm Minster

What's the tallest church in the world? It's the Ulm Minster in southern Germany. Begun in 1377, it wasn't finally completed until 1890. It was the fourth highest structure in the world at that time.

Ulm Minster
Unfortunately most of the medieval city surrounding the minster was destroyed late in the Second World War. The soaring of the tower above the medieval precinct must once have looked very impressive.

Here's a photo of the minster in a more historic setting.

And finally a photo of the interior (worth clicking on to enlarge).

Not bad for a city which even today numbers only 120,000 inhabitants.


  1. Yes, as I recall, it is 745 steps to the top -- the most I remember in Germany. And, they are not all "easy" inside steps. At one point you switch over to stairs that seem to be resting on what seems like nothing more than a lower level roof.

  2. I hope we start building more like it again soon. Modern skyscrapers have nothing on the Ulmer Münster.

  3. Great pictures!
    I was travelling through Germany in 2010 with mates and had the privilege of climbing up this great structure. Outstanding views! I recall it taking us about 30min to reach the top.