Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eltham traditionalists update

Fifteen years ago it was a very isolating experience to be a traditionalist. Then the internet arrived and a very small group discovered each other (mostly at View from the Right). In the past few years, the number of traditionalists on the internet has grown considerably - it's now difficult to keep up with all the different sites and conversations.

But there's still a major limitation. We haven't yet reached the point at which people in a particular locality can get together.

I've tried to hurry things along by setting up Eltham Traditionalists, a group for people living in my own part of Melbourne. I've had some success: half a dozen people have indicated an interest and I've been able to meet up with three of these. Thousands of flyers have been distributed advertising traditionalist politics and dozens of posters have been put up.

We are tantalisingly close to getting to the point of being able to have regular group meetings. Another three or four people would do it.

So my appeal is to any local readers of Oz Conservative (i.e. from anywhere within driving distance of Eltham in Melbourne) to get in touch (via

Eltham Traditionalists is an informal network rather than a formal political party. So there isn't any need to formally join or to commit to anything other than the opportunity to meet up at a local cafe or pub. Getting in touch on a first name basis is also OK, and I understand that in some workplaces that might be advisable.

The advantages? You'd be making history - Eltham Traditionalists is one of the first traditionalist ventures of its kind. You'd have the opportunity of political fellowship. You'd also be contributing in a very positive way to the growth of a political alternative to liberalism.

If Eltham Traditionalists can establish a template, then it will be possible to follow it in other places in Melbourne and elsewhere. That's when other opportunities will start to become possible.

So, once again, I'd encourage interested local readers to make contact. We're so close to the regular meeting stage - we just need a few more people to indicate an interest to get there.


  1. For anyone who's interested, we've just started doing something similar at The Orthosphere, inspired by Eltham Traditionalists:

    The response has been very good, with groupuscles already sprouting up in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.

  2. I have not hooked up with you in a while Mark, you are going to make me feel guilty!

    Esp since I live only a few suburbs away from you!

  3. James, we should try to meet up during the Easter holidays. I'll get in touch.

  4. Hi there,
    I have recently started studying politics at uni, as I am sure you can understand as a conservative I have very few like minded people around me, ie, I am yet to find one, so I would be very interested in coming along to a discussion if you do meet. I am only five minutes from eltham so keep me posted.

  5. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for expressing your interest. If you get a chance could you forward an email address to me? I'm more likely to advertise meetings through our email list than via the website. Just drop me a line at