Thursday, July 01, 2010

Why assume it was us?

Last year an Indian student in Melbourne, Kanan Kharbanda, was bashed and left partially blinded. It set off a furious reaction in India against "racist whites".

To give you an idea of the response in India, here are the seven comments following a report on the bashing in an Indian media outlet (Press TV):

Sutapas: It was not only convicts that the Brits shipped to Australia. They also transported shiploads of prostitutes. The Aussies are descendants of criminals and whores. My brother was punched quite unprovoked by an Aussie when he was on holiday in Tokyo years ago.

holocaust: The real war is not between neighboring states like palestine-israel, nor the real threat about nuclear N Korea or Iran or Palestine or china support taliban, but the real threat is rascism that has been conferred by the white people


Shirin: Superior cultures of the ancient world such as that of Persian peoples affected the conquerors. Mongols & other savages failed to cause depravity of Iranian peoples` cultures instead the conquerors were gradually affected by the highly refined cultures of Iranians they came in contact with. However, this was not the case with the feeble Anglo-Saxon people as they were lacking any significant moral refinement to persevere the onslaught of degeneracy.

Shirin: The root causes of Anglo-Saxon corruption of moral values goes back to 1100 years ago. Anglo-Saxon culture & dispositions have long manifested the degeneracy of Viking culture of savagery, sadism, looting, colonizing & enslaving with which they came in contact with & which they succumbed to.

shirin: No more than about 12,000 convicts were shipped to Australia. There are many good and wonderful people in Australia, but there are too many racist bigots there specially in less multicultural areas such as the Queensland state. This is more a case of Anglo-Saxon degeneracy.

Anarchy: Australia is a former penal colony. So, all Australians are descendants of former British convicts. What else do you expect from such a country? Australia is bloody racist.

Our own media weren't that much better. Here is a transcript of an ABC report on the bashing of Kanan Kharbander (the reporter being Guy Stayner):

KANAN KHARBANDA, VICTIM: It was a Sunshine taxi rank, and some of the hooligans approached me. They asked for a dollar. And I said, “I don't have any dollar with me.” I showed the pockets of my trousers, and they start beating me ...

GUY STAYNER: Little wonder these victims support the student protests that blocked Flinders Street and battered Melbourne's reputation around the world.

INDIAN REPORTER: It seems that there has been another racist attack, or at least a hate crime, perpetrated against another Indian ...

GUY STAYNER: With the spotlight on Australia, and the country's massive international education industry at risk, politicians are finding their voice.

KEVIN RUDD, PRIME MINISTER: I speak on behalf of all Australians when I say that we deplore and condemn these attacks. These are senseless acts of violence.

JOHN BRUMBY, PREMIER: There is no doubt that some of the assaults which have been committed against members of the Indian community have been racially based ...

GUY STAYNER: This week the State Government fast-tracked its hate crime legislation.

ROB HULLS, ATTORNEY-GENERAL: What we're gonna do is amend the Sentencing Act to give guidance to our judges in relation to sentencing practices for crimes that are specifically based on hate, prejudice, against people based on their race, their religion, their ethnic origin or their sexual orientation.

GUY STAYNER: How important was it to be seen to be doing something about this issue?

ROB HULLS: Well I think it's very important to send a message to the community, whenever and wherever we can, that we are a friendly, open, caring, multicultural community, and hate based crimes will not be tolerated.

I love the last bit. The implication is that white Australians are violent and aggressive and that it's multiculturalism which creates a friendly, open, caring community. Problem is that the facts just don't fit the fantasy. Kanan Kharbanda was attacked in Sunshine, one of Melbourne's most multicultural suburbs. And it seems he was attacked by a Sudanese gang.

Four men were charged with the attack. Three were too young to have their names released. But the eldest one has just been sentenced for the crime. His name is Majang Ngor, he is a Sudanese refugee, and far from being sentenced heavily for committing a hate crime, he's walked out of court with a suspended sentence:

The judge suspended the jail term for 15 months and ordered Ngor to do 40 hours of community work, saying the greatest public benefit would come from his rehabilitation.


  1. Oh, but there must be some reason the racist white Australians are to blame for whatever the poor innocent Sudanese lad did!

    In other news, Australia, you'd better get your own nuclear weapons pronto. You are very close to several billion Asians who hate you, and who would feel justified in destroying you, and Uncle Sam isn't going to protect you.

  2. As a sports coach in multicultural Melbourne it is my impression that highly closed races, Aboriginals, Indians, Somalis, Arabs, Greeks etc. are the first to throw out the race card. Maybe a form of projection or victim complex.

    Example DiPierdomenico's "Abo" quip, I can guarantee if it was about an Irishman no one would have even noticed.

  3. Niko,

    These guys all cary it on their sleeves. If you say anything about their group God forbid. It doesn't seem to encourage the majority of them to actually have a successful group though.


    America will protect us forever!!! Hehe.

  4. I would question if most Americans can even point to Australia on a map.

  5. I guess that's why you need a government to tell you want to do ;).

  6. Mark asks "Why assume it was us?". That's because when you think of Australia you think of Anglo-Celtic white people,(and Aborigines too I'll grant). You don't think of a multicultural hell hole. Won't it be fun changing that assumption.

  7. Alte wrote,

    "I would question if most Americans can even point to Australia on a map."

    Ah, yes: racist, xenophobic, ignorant Americans won't defend Australia because we're too racist, xenophobic, ignorant and insular even to know where the country is.

  8. Jesse wrote,

    "That's because when you think of Australia you think of Anglo-Celtic white people,(and Aborigines too I'll grant)."

    Nah, not really. When we Americans think of Australians, we just think Anglo-Celtic. Every commercial I can think of that has had anything to do with Australia has an Anglo-Saxon looking person.

    No, when I hear "Aboriginal", I think of "Aboriginal".

  9. I was being serious. Most of my neighbors don't know where Bavaria is, and their own ancestors come from there. Why should they know where Australia is? Geography isn't a subject that's taken very seriously, except among homeschoolers.

    I'm quite drawn to Australians, because I know so many IRL. So, I'd be inclined to help them out. But I think Australia isn't really on most Americans' radar, except when thinking about steaks or kangaroos. Many don't even know the difference between Austria and Australia. In Österreich, I saw lots of t-shirts with "Austria (we don't have kangaroos!)" on them. It was funny.

    At any rate, I hope the Ozzies won't hold their breath, waiting for us to arrive to help. Those big ships move real slow.

  10. Alte wrote,

    "I was being serious."

    I see--fair enough. But in a discussion about racist, ignorant Australians' not being "multicultural" enough, a comment implying the same about Americans (ostensibly in defense of Australians) looked...ironic.

  11. Yeah and the "I'd be inclined to help them out" kinda sounded bad too :)

    *runs away and ducks*

  12. ...and hate based crimes will not be tolerated.

    Hate-based crime? Where is the evidence that this bashing had anything to do with "hate-based crime"? Because the Indian media says so?

    The thug was quoted as saying that they committed the attack because they wanted to go out "hustling" (whatever that is.) To me that doesn't imply racism in the slightest; it implies a contempt for Australian society in general.

    What I don't like about all this is the underlying message that "hate crimes" are somehow worse than random crimes- a position which, as usual, leaves the white community especially vulnerable (since for some reason only whites can be racist.)

    It's wrong. All violent crime is wrong. I don't care if it's caused by racism, drunkenness, poverty, drugs, whatever the problem is it should be granted the same punishment. If we adjust sentencing according to the circumstances (the colour of the perpetrator's skin, for example) it leaves the door wide open for corruption and discrimination.

  13. With both hate-based crime and domestic violence laws, the actual act is not the main focus. It's about punishing someone for their thoughts, or because of who they are.

  14. I don't know what is worse, the fact that a guy was beaten badly or that the majority in Asia feel that the White Austrailians as a whole are to blame for the incident.

  15. This is cute. John Howard (former Aus PM) has been rejected for the Vice Presidency of the International Cricket Commission by vote of the Indian lead members. They didn't bother to give an official explanation (the rejection is basically unprecedented) but the inside story is that the Indians were concerned he would uncover corruption, or question India's power, within the organisation.

    In respose to this leading Indian journalits have chosen to play the race card, *yawn* again. According to them Howard was rejected becauase he was a "closet racist".

    "Why should a museum piece, a symbol of the black-white divide, dare or dream of entering world cricket."

    "Australia is a racist country. There is nothing secular or non-racial about them."

    Former Indian cricket captain Bishan Singh Bedi retorted to his own countrymen by saying that Indians needed to look at themselves before calling anyone else racist saying:

    "You know we Indians are the biggest racists in the world. If you look at the daily newspapers, the number of killings that are going on in the name of race and caste and all this rubbish... It's unreal. What are we talking about?"".

    The international system works again. In the long run the biggest losers out of all of this will be the poor amnesty international types who actually saw internationalism as the way forward. Cest la vie.

  16. I mean its funny isn't it. I visited Malyasia a little while ago and I noticed their up market magazines were full of stories of Western (primarily historical) exploitation etc. It would seem these countries, in order to dig up a degree of self esteem, need to constantly attack the West. Oooo k.

  17. You guys might like to read what Mrs. Malkin wrote about immigration today. An excerpt:

    Alexander Hamilton wrote in 1802: "The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education and family."

    Hamilton further warned that "The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass; by promoting in different classes different predilections in favor of particular foreign nations, and antipathies against others, it has served very much to divide the community and to distract our councils. It has been often likely to compromise the interests of our own country in favor of another. The permanent effect of such a policy will be, that in times of great public danger there will be always a numerous body of men, of whom there may be just grounds of distrust; the suspicion alone will weaken the strength of the nation, but their force may be actually employed in assisting an invader."

    The survival of the American republic, Hamilton maintained, depends upon "the preservation of a national spirit and a national character." "To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens the moment they put foot in our country would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty."

  18. Alexander Hamilton smart man....if I hear nation of immigrants, American not by birth or citizinship etc etc one more time I'm going to vomit

  19. Extremist Islamist group holding a conference in Sydney to discuss "The struggle for Islam in the West":

    Badar says he's confident the caliphate will come to pass within his lifetime. He says support is growing throughout the Muslim world and Western secular civilisation is doomed, unlikely as it may seem. "If we had predicted the end of the Soviet Union, people would have laughed," he notes.

    Badar believes the caliphate will begin with an Islamic state in a country such as Pakistan or Egypt, and spread steadily through grassroots support and military might to eventually cover all Muslim majority countries and lands previously under Islamic rule, such as Spain and The Philippines. He says Christians and Jews will be welcome as long as they submit to Islamic law.

    "There's nothing about our ideas that is dangerous, except to those that seek to maintain the status quo of exploitation of the masses. Certainly we are a threat to them, and they should be worried. But to those who seek mutual progress for all people, we only have good to offer."

    Terrorism specialist Clive Walker of the Leeds University law school says the British intelligence community does not support a ban because it would deny them intelligence on HT and enable the group to portray itself as a victim of Western hypocrisy and Islamophobia. "Unless they actually advocate violence, which they do not, then they should not be banned . . . this is not Nazi Germany. The extremists are not about to seize power, they attract marginal support."

  20. Andrew Bolt said a similar thing back in March. Tell truth on ethnic crime

    ... the furore over the bashing of Indian students, allegedly by white "racists".

    The police refused from the beginning to say what they clearly know - that many, if not most, of these bashings have been by members of other ethnic minorities, mainly Lebanese, Pacific Islanders, Maori and Africans.

    A Victoria University study last month on the safety of international students showed this cover-up in action.

    Yes, this fashionably Leftist study gave us the standard hectoring on our legendary racism, but buried deep in its pages was an astonishing admission that most of the recent bashings weren't by white racists at all - and that only the police refused to admit it.

    That said, a white kid has been charged over the stabbing of an Indian in Melbourne. Boy charged over death that divided nations

    ... Nitin Garg ... was stabbed in Cruickshank Park, then staggered 300 metres to the restaurant. An ambulance was called but he died shortly after arriving at hospital...

    The 15-year-old Yarraville boy, whose age prevents his name being released, appeared at a Melbourne Children's Court in a school uniform.

    The boy, who is Caucasian, clutched a sheet of paper and looked around the courtroom and at his parents, seated in the front row.

  21. Michael said,

    "That said, a white kid has been charged over the stabbing of an Indian in Melbourne."

    Am I missing something? Its a big country and crime happens. Is there even a hint of evidence that Indians are stabbed more frequently than anyone else (by any race?).

    Indian students are not sacred cows, its not an international issue every time one of them is injured. It seems to me the Indians are looking for a reason to be outraged.

  22. I walked down the street of my city's 4th of July celebration yesterday, and I realized just how late the hour really is. I live in a mid-western city, nowhere near the borders or the coasts. Previously, it had been an overwhelmingly Anglo city with a significant Black minority. That's all gone now. Barely half of the people I saw on the streets were Anglo, and that's a stretch.

    Muslims, Blacks and Mixed, Hispanics, Whites, East and South Asians, they were all there. I couldn't help but think how differently I and a leftist would look at that sight. I felt lost and disoriented, like I didn't know my own hometown any more. The Leftist, I imagine, felt proud and sophisticated around such internationality.

    In any case, it was hard to feel very good about my country.

  23. Hey Alte, thanks for the link.

    But as far as I could tell, it's the same old neocon storyline from the '90s.

    Malkin quotes approvingly an article by Schlesinger from '91, which tells us that the worst thing about multiculturalism is not that it produces fractured, atomized societies but that

    "It gives rise, for example, to the conception of the U.S. as a nation composed not of individuals making their own choices but of inviolable ethnic and racial groups"

    You see, this is classic Right Liberalism. For the Right Liberal, the highest good is individual autonomy, not community. America, for Schlesinger, is simply a place where individuals can exercise a lot (the most?) autonomy. It has nothing to do with ethnicity or race.

    And since it has nothing to do with ethnicity or race, Malkin sees so particular problem with simply blending those old world ethnicities or races completely away. The of this, you see, shall be a great, new American Man, who transcends the old racial, ethnic, linguistic (hey why not? Maybe he'll speak Esperanto) and any other distinction. Hell, he won't even be a "he"--that would exclude women--the new American will be a...hermaphrodite! Yeah! That'll work...

    Malkin wants us to take her logic just up to the "intermixing" ethnicity and race away, but not all the way to the blending language, sex, sexual orientation, class, etc., etc. away. She wants to have her Liberalism just so. But unfortunately for her, that's not how Liberalism works.

    If you declare that race and ethnicity don't matter because the body doesn't matter, you leave yourself wide open for someone else to declare that sex, language, class, sexual orientation, etc. doesn't matter and for the same reason.

    But it seems that Right Liberals never notice this gaping hole in their logic.

  24. Bartholomew said,

    "In any case, it was hard to feel very good about my country.

    *Sigh* yep.

  25. I don't think race matters as much as the rest of you (obviously), but I do think that ethnicity, religion, etc. are important for defining a country's institutions and values. I don't believe in people being "autonomous", as that goes against Natural Law.

    But that doesn't mean that I want a self-appointed elite telling me that I have to take down my crucifix, and... whatnot. My ancestors already lived under such a system and it royally sucked. I simply do not see how centralization would increase the morality of the populis. It would merely relieve them of their moral and familial duties, is how I see it.

  26. People like Michelle Malkin actually hinder the movement.

    She's asian who is probably married to a white man whose kids, though 'conservative' won't really consider themselves white and will probably marry non-white and in one generation will convert to Obama land.

    You know the truth is this is a white identity movement. Those of us who are white who want to stay white. Yes I am against interracial marriage.

    Michelle Malkin is first and foremost a Conservative Gossip Columnist. Her website is meant to entertain, not preserve.

    Schlesinger is not 'white' either so he doesn't care..really. (I'm assuming by the name and the neocon status)

    This is a racial battle.

    The quicker we throw off the mask and start realizing what it is we are fighting for the easier it will be.

    And yes....Being pro-white and wanting to preserve white heritage does not mean hating others. Loving ones own in no way implies hating others.

    Bartholemew I'm 28 years old and I've felt that way since I was 8 years old going with my non-white cousins (democrats obviously) to Universal Studios.

    On the bright side though, I went to Target and saw NO white people....BUT the incidence of interracial dating is dropping in my neighborhood as white men and women realize that we're in a precarious position and everything we've been taught is lies.

  27. Australia used to be a great country... before multiculturalism and mass non-European immigration were rammed down our throats.

    R.J. Steve agrees.

    One of the responses to Stove's article struck a chord with me:

    As an Australian I believe you can only really experience the full impact of what we have lost by spending some time in Eastern Europe and then returning to Australia.

    Despite my limited language skills I had a wonderful time in places that were 99% white. On my return I was faced with hordes of non-white "Australians" with unfamilar tongues, a total absence of courtesy or sense of personal space and hygiene.

    It was a profound shock, culturally, mentally and physically.

    Indeed this much abused airport lounge used to be a great country.

    Sad but true.

  28. Sorry, that should have read "R.J. Stove agrees."

  29. Oh completely agree anonymous,

    I was just thinking today while being at Disneyland for the 4th....

    My perfect vacation would be one in which I only saw white people for like 5 days straight....and that would only happen in Eastern Europe.

    I have some uber-upperclass (somewhat evil) friends from New York City and they all started vacationing in places like the beaches of Serbia and Croatia....hmmmm...I wonder why?

  30. The question is though....

    Say magically immigration moratoriums were put in place in all of the Western Countries....

    Would Western Men still turn into Swedish women? Would religion come back? Would the birthrate increase? Would wages increase? (actually they would by supply and demand)

    I always focus on immigration and the racial aspects but this war has many fronts (which is why I appreciate Mark's writing on the men's rights issues, feminism etc) The USSR was all white and it still sucked!!

  31. TheRedRadish said,

    "Say magically immigration moratoriums were put in place in all of the Western Countries....

    Would Western Men still turn into Swedish women? Would religion come back? Would the birthrate increase? Would wages increase?"

    Before you can fully revive the patient you have to stop the hemorrhaging.

  32. RedRadish wrote,

    "I always focus on immigration and the racial aspects but this war has many fronts"

    and I agree. But earlier you had written,

    "This is a racial battle."

    and I don't see how that's true. Would you explain how you reconcile these two statements?

    We're in a war against Leftism, which is a modern manifestation of Evil. The fight for national survival is a crucial front--I know, the metaphor is becoming cliche--but, no, I don't think it's the entire war. As you said, look at Sweden, pre-1970. All Swedish, and all-leftist.

  33. Alte wrote,

    "I don't think race matters as much as the rest of you (obviously), but I do think that ethnicity, religion, etc. are important for defining a country's institutions and values."

    "As the rest of us"? Alte, don't you mean the rest of the world?

    Leftist whites and most organized non-white groups all think race matters very much. Why would you expect white conservatives alone, the only group interested in defending the traditional European peoples, to pretend otherwise? How has that worked out for us so far?

  34. But I agree that in a healthy world, race would be a backdrop, ethnicity being more what a person is conscious of when he thinks of his larger identity.

    Unfortunately, that isn't the world we live in, and there are a lot of very powerful people who are interested in seeing my kind of people fade away from this world. Of course I'm going to resist that.

  35. Alte, don't you mean the rest of the world?

    In this instance I meant the posters here specifically, but I do realize that I'm part of a tiny minority in that view. Most people seem to care more about race than ethnicity, which is something I've always found a bit puzzling. I tend to be clannish along ethnic and religious lines, but not racial ones.

    Living as an American in Germany made a difference to how I viewed race, as well. All of us ex-pat Americans banded together, regardless of race (East Asian, South Asian, black, and white), and we hung out quite a bit with (and dated among) the other Anglo-types: Australians, Canadians, Brits, Irish, white Kenyans, South Africans, Indian, etc.

    But there was little overlap with the (racially-mixed) Latin/Francophone group, or the Germans, for instance. Even when we'd all meet up at parties, we'd end up splitting off. As I speak both German and English fluently, I was regularly put in the uncomfortable position of having to choose. There was no natural alliance between the black French speakers and the black English speakers; it would have seemed odd to all of us.

    It wasn't until I returned to America that the racial divisions hit me upside the head again. When I was in Germany, people would ask me where I was from, and I'd answer "America", and they'd just nod and smile. But in America, people ask me what I am, which is a completely different question and much more difficult to answer.

    I do know that the racial divisions in France have become much worse, but I think that is because race is used as a proxy for religion there.

    Have you guys seen this? 1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Why We Fought for Independence


  36. For clarification, all of us were fluent in English. It was merely that I am a native speaker in two languages.

  37. "Have you guys seen this? 1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Why We Fought for Independence"

    I heard it was higher in college educated young people, 40%, on the NewsHour. Mark Shields, democrat columnist's, only defence was that US society is now "more sensitive but not as knowledgeable on the facts". He was nonetheless still left utterly shaking his head at the near total national and educational failure that has occurred.