Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Why the fatal delay?

Chandler is a feminist woman. One day she wants to get married and have children. But not now. Not in her twenties. She thinks all women should wait until very late in the piece:

It's a popular message. Her tweet has over 160,000 likes and 50,000 retweets. But why would Chandler hold these views?

The answer is that Chandler is a follower. She is a follower of the ruling ideology of the age, namely liberalism. Liberalism tells Chandler that the primary good in life is that of autonomy. Autonomy means that a woman aims to develop solo as an individual rather than as a wife or a mother within a family. It means that a woman aims to be independent rather than interdependent. It means that she aims for power ("empowerment") rather than love. It means that she aims for things she can choose as an atomised individual, such as career or travel, rather than goods that are fulfilled within a family or a community.

Chandler answered her critics with the following tweets:

The problem for Chandler is that she wants contradictory things. She wants to have a husband and children. But she also wants to follow liberalism and believe in autonomy as the highest good. And so she attempts to resolve the dilemma by dedicating women's youth to the liberal goal of autonomy and their older age to the non-liberal one of family.

It's not a wise strategy. Consider the following:
  • Chandler will spend her formative years deliberately rejecting a culture of family and relationships in favour of individualistic goods of empowerment and autonomy. It will not be easy for her to switch over to being a wife and mother when the time comes. Is she not likely to resent the compromises that occur within a marriage?
  • It is likely that she will pursue numerous unserious relationships with men in her twenties, collecting emotional baggage along the way and damaging her ability to pair bond with just one man.
  • She will not attempt to find a husband or conceive children until long after the peak of her youthful attractiveness and fertility. Her options will be limited compared to other women.
  • Many of the men who are forced to wait will adapt to a bachelor lifestyle. It will be difficult to sustain a family man culture.

Here is Chandler advertising the "too many boyfriends already = emotional baggage" problem:

She seems to be repressing healthy maternal instincts in order to follow the liberal path:

How sad that the ideology of the day leads Chandler to deny herself something that is so fundamental to her sex. She has become an outsider to herself. If she could only free herself of her ideological bindings, she could be more openly oriented to the things she fatally delays.

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  1. Wow, she comes right out and uses your favorite word with respect to Liberalism -- autonomy.

    Most women can't do exciting things on their own, they rely on a man thinking up things to do and then taking them along, so living a life doing exciting things in her youth isn't going to be man-free. It is just that she'll be doing things with men that she won't eventually mate with (probably because they are better than anyone she could get to commit to her). To some that won't matter, but many women seem to regret that all their memories of good times don't involve their now-husband.

  2. but many women seem to regret that all their memories of good times don't involve their now-husband.

    Good point. Ideally you want the important shared memories to be with your spouse, as this is the relationship you carry with you in the long term.

  3. She actually said it right out: autonomy.

    Usually feminists couch the same concept in terms of "choice", or "freedom", or "liberty".

    "Autonomy" as a descriptor is something they seem to avoid. Too cold and clinical perhaps? Too accurate maybe?

  4. Conspicuous consumerism is not healthy model for society. We can't have a world full of Hugh Hephners.

    Liberals never respect this alleged "autonomy" when one decides to live a traditionalist lifestyle. They allege "repression" and "abuse". When it comes to a non-white or a non-Christian they are a bit more respectful, witness attempts to regard the hijab as "empowering".

    But right-liberals eagerly pick up the slack, ripping Islam for not being feminist (why would we ever want our enemies to unite?)

  5. I have just seen this article shared, what a socially-destructive attitude