Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Liberal professor stood down

William Penn, a professor of English at Michigan State University, made hostile comments against whites and Republicans in his lectures. The comments were recorded by a student:

He has now been stood down by the university.

There is nothing that new in what William Penn had to say. He is yet another campus liberal who looks forward to the demise of white people (he identifies as a American Indian). It's interesting though that he's been held to account for it.


  1. America is unique amongst the Western nations. It is not the same culturally as Britain or Australia, that's for sure.

    And the hatred of white people seems to be quite strong amongst some prominent groups in America.

    Indeed, the hatred of white people may be stronger in America than it is anywhere else.

    Moreso than in the UK and Europe, anyway, where "white people" clearly form majority ethnic groups in a more visible way than in the US.

    1. Anon, I agree that the negative identification of whites with oppression and racism is worse in America than elsewhere, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that America is unique.

      The same assumptions are made generally across Western countries. For instance, when a white person expresses some sort of pride in their own tradition, what name are they called in the media? Usually the term 'white supremacist' is applied, no matter what that person thinks of other races.

      Why would that be? It's because it is assumed that a white identity is a false category created to maintain the privilege of some people over oppressed others. Therefore, if a white person identifies positively with it, it is assumed that they are motivated not by a love of their own tradition, but to maintain supremacy over other races.

      That happens in Australia all the time. We also have people here who look forward to the demise of whites. Jennifer Clarke, who teaches at the Australian National University, once described Australia as a "regionally anomalous white enclave run largely by white people to our own advantage", in which anti-discrimination laws should be applied more effectively so that "a majority of Australians would no longer be of northern European ethnic heritage".

    2. I think white-hating whites are common in all the Anglosphere nations. In the US there are the 1/16 or less Aborigines who fill the same role as the USA's 1/16 or less Amerindians, whites who not only get to hate whites but get Affirmative Action privileges for doing it!

  2. Meanwhile, Jackson in Mississippi appears to have installed in power its own Mugabe:

  3. "Stood down" = paid vacation = not punished at all.