Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to Sydney Traditionalists

Some good news. A group of traditionalist-minded individuals in Sydney have formed the Sydney Traditionalist Forum.

The group has already organised or attended several events, including the screening of a documentary and lectures by Mark Steyn and Dr Edward Feser.

The group has its own website called SydneyTrads (it seems to load better in Google Chrome than in Internet Explorer), with information on past events, some political commentary and recommended books and periodicals.

I haven't been involved in the formation of the group but it is does appear to be a worthwhile attempt to create a more genuinely traditionalist political space in Sydney. I'd encourage any Sydney readers to consider getting in touch or attending an event.

I congratulate those who have taken the initiative to establish the group. The discussions we have on the internet are important, but a real world presence takes things to the next level.


  1. Well, the website looks impressive so far.

    I just hope that the organisation doesn't fall victim to the perils which have killed off several earlier anti-leftist groups in modern Australian history:

    * rank amateurism;

    * committee-mania (hint: if your aim in life is to join committees you're probably a Marxist);

    * entrusting crucial publicity-seeking measures to absolute illiterates and / or nutbags, most of whom WRITE THEIR DIATRIBES IN CAPITAL LETTERS;

    * administrative incompetence (if someone wants to get involved but is kept waiting for weeks before he or she gets any response, that someone will soon give up);

    * refusal to undertake adequate fundraising;

    * mortal terror of criticising the Liberal Party;

    * mortal terror of being thought "anti-semitic" (the term "anti-semitic" is, of course, never defined, because definition would remove 99% of its value as a means of silencing enemies);

    * inability to demand police checks of potential members. (The average person would be amazed at the number of skinheads who, as soon as they get out of jail, look for the next movement to infiltrate.)

  2. Well done.

    Just meeting with like minded people is a great experience.

    Arnold is correct however, people who need to turn a social gathering of like minded people into a committee would be much happier in a Marxist group.

    Also Nazis are idiots, unless you want to spend the rest of your life explaining why the entire worlds problems are not a deliberate plot by a vast Zionist conspiracy best to kick them to the curb, life is too short.

  3. Apropos James's last comment, even in the rare circumstances where police checks aren't feasible, efficacious background assessment can be carried out in 90% of instances, by no method more arcane than mere judicious use of Google and Facebook.

    (A recent American newspaper article - which I can't, alas, locate just at present - recommended that employers check potential employees' Facebook pages, since these pages will contain far fewer lies than the average résumé will.)

    Nor are skinheads the only danger to be guarded against. It looks very, very bad when a group vests authority and places trust in a particular individual only to discover that this individual is, for example, a porn addict. (Like South Australia's former Police Minister Bernard Finnigan - an alleged "traditional Catholic", if you please - and like ex-TV-host Andy Muirhead, who attributed his possession of 12,000 graphic child porn images to "work stress".)

    The Labor Party and the ABC, being both parasites upon the taxpayer, are capable of surviving these particular scandals. No mere anti-mainstream political organisation will be comparably fortunate. So: check every relevant person's bona fides, double-check it, triple-check it, quadruple-check it, quintuple-check it, and if even quintuple-checking has not dispersed your unease about someone, then trust your gut and show that someone the door.