Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hypocrite feminist meme

There's a "quick meme" website which allows users to add captions on a particular theme. One of the themes is that of the hypocrite feminist. Some of the captions added by readers weren't too bad:

Hat tip: One STDV


  1. Nice. In addition to penises,feminists were also born lacking funny bones. Using humor on them is like slapping a midget and then holding your hand against his forehead while he tries to swing at you.

    Humor renders the cyborgs in the feminist movement impotent,just like their feminist husbands.

  2. Of a similar type I liked "Your rights end where my feelings begin" and "I'm a Buddhist ... this week".

  3. Reminds me of that comment "Feminists are stupid, throw facts at them". That is exactly what is being right here..

    It demonstrates their cognitive dissonance nicely..

  4. Very clever. I had to add one of my own. I love what Christian J. wrote. Would be a great T shirt...


  5. Liberal Douche Garofalo is a great "meme"

  6. The last page has a couple clearly created by feminist/s.

    The difference is stark.

  7. I will note that you kinda decided to avoid the call-outs of feminist transphobia, probably because that's a place where you and left wing prescriptivist asshats agree.


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