Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A bloody Snow White

A new Snow White is being filmed. True to the modern age, Snow White has been transformed from "the loveliest of them all" into a warrior princess.

Snow White as a warrior princess
The actress playing Snow White, Kristen Stewart, has been doing so many intense fight scenes that she was photographed with bloodied knuckles:

Is this something to worry about? In the sense that it's another example of a trend in modern society, I think that it is. Things go wrong when people don't identify wholly with their own sex. If you are in any way set against yourself as a man or a woman, then it becomes difficult to express yourself adequately in relationships with the opposite sex.

What does the recasting of Snow White suggest to girls? It suggests that to be the heroine you now have to mix a considerable amount of the masculine in with the feminine. It suggests that the feminine by itself is inadequate or inferior.

It's a pity the film makers went this way, as the preview suggests that the film is well made and likely to do well at the box office.


  1. You didn't expect the film makers to HONOR & REVERE traditional femininity, did you?

  2. "Things go wrong when people don't identify wholly with their own sex."

    Agreed. However, I'm not convinced that today's boys and girls really know what gender role to identify with. They may be sexually male or female, but the sec-humanist Left has done a bang-up job blurring what it means to be masculine and feminine.

    Thus the innate (and attractive to men) feminine traits of gentleness, nurturing, support/encouragement, and followership are set aside in favor of more masculinized, even androgynous, image of femininity.

    Perhaps it is just me, but the image of a female warrior involved in offensive (as opposed to defensive) combat is a huge romantic turnoff. Despite all that tight leather and those form-fitted breastplates.

  3. "Good, GooooooD! let your anger flow..."
    I hope many more such movies are produced/shown. It can only result in women being subject to the military draft.

  4. I am so, so bored with the damsel in distress turning into a kick-boxing maniac who does not need saving (and often saves the blundering hero). That's been around in movies for 20+ years now, and it was always lame.

  5. This movie also suggests that girls can, in fact, successfully defend themselves physically against male aggression. Although self-defense classes for women are not completely useless, the idea that they can defeat an adult male in physical combat is a dangerous delusion.

  6. One trend in movies that irritates me besides the lack of manners is the unchastity. Women and men just hook up and get it over it. The whole dating and courtship was trampled in the ground. Then we get all of these women that suddenly rebel against their upstanding family and society and do the wrong thing. The worst has to be the whole leftist rewriting of history and anti-Christian commentary. It's all so saddening that I just have to restrict my film and music intake.

  7. Smith lady,

    The ones that re-wrote history are none other than the Christians.

    Let me ask you, "What is Saturnalia, and how did it become Christmas ?"

    Freeking Christian lies, that's how.

    Bag it, lady. then learn to read more than bibles.

  8. Let me ask you, "What is Saturnalia, and how did it become Christmas ?"

    Freeking Christian lies, that's how.

    Before you accuse others of lying, you should make sure you yourself are speaking the truth. "Take the log from your own eye before you worry about the speck in your brother's" and all that.

    Anyway, Saturnalia was never celebrated past December 23, two days short of Christmas. I think the Church's explanation--that Europeans naturally gravitated toward a familiar holiday such as the winter solstice when settling on a date for Christmas--makes sense. What other date would you have had them choose?

  9. The ones that re-wrote history are none other than the Christians

    The stupid is strong in this one. Probably a game boy as well.

  10. Back to the topic at hand, Mark is right on.

    I was molested as a boy by a friend of mine. Before that happened, I had been outgoing, had had a lots of friends, and had been pretty unselfconscious.

    Afterwards, I withdrew and refused to make friends with any of the other boys. I didn't trust anyone, and became very paranoid. I assumed all of them were out to humiliate me. And the other boys started treating me accordingly--like an outcast.

    It's hard to identify solidly with your own sex when they exile you/you exile yourself. Add to that a religious upbringing that emphasized separateness from "the world" (i.e. your peers), and I was a prime candidate for sexual confusion.

    This blog was one of the first places I heard the truth about the centrality of one's sex and what happens to a person when he fails to identify with it.

    The point is that it took a pretty radical event in my life to prevent me from identifying with the other guys, and even then, had I not had the strong religious imperative to dissociate myself from the other guys, I might have overcome it. One or two movies like this, as I'm sure some are thinking, have nowhere near the same destructive power as molestation, so what's the big deal? Most kids will just shrug it off.

    But what if other things happen too? What if something like childhood molestation happens, and it's happening ever more frequently here in the US? The kid is going to feel ambiguous/unsure about his sex after something like that happens. Now factor in that harmless, cross-dressing Snow White movie; now factor in an entire series, a barrage of them. Factor in that same, your-sex-doesn't-define-you message in virtually every movie, TV show, etc. that he sees. Kick-boxing Snow White starts to look significantly more sinister.

    Identifying with your own sex is natural but it's not inevitable. It can be disrupted, and if it is, the results are annihilating to the core. Why risk that by exposing your kids to a message like this?

  11. It's an interesting question, did the Church deliberately reinterpret and exploit pagan customs, or did the newly-converted pagans bring many of them ideas and customs with them?

    I.e., is the Church guilty of anything more than tolerating what it probably saw as quaint and ultimately harmless misunderstandings?

    Perhaps it was considered more important to bring the heathens into the Faith than to get the historical details right?

    Of course, most of our present-day pagans will leap to the conclusion that the Church was up to no good.

    (And whether those "quaint customs" really were harmless is another question that must be asked.)

  12. Just another abomination from Hollywood. Nothing interesting or new here, they have been doing it for years now. They depend on us buying their rotten products, if we stop, they' ll go out of business. I wonder at the people who call themselves conservatives but keep watching this trash and search for redeeming value. We should just boycott them.

    Now I expect some MRAs to come out and say that this film proves that all women are feminists who sectretly dream of being warriors and dominating men, while the truth is that a certain group of people who control mass media keep churning out propaganda which trashes our culture and Western civilisation, because they hate us.

  13. Kristen Stewart has been at the center of a series of smashing financial successes in the purely feminine role of Bella Swan. It can be argued how much of that success was due to her, but paying customers in large numbers found her acceptable in the role.

    For the good of her career, the natural thing would be to continue in similar roles. That's not too narrow a field. "Traditionally feminine" is vast, it's worlds of possibilities.

    But not in Hollywood, where the culture of critique rules and successful, exciting, traditionally 100% feminine roles are against the dominant public morality.

    So Kristen Stewart, that delicate beauty, is going to kick butt, like Charlie's Angels and all the other bogus butt-kickers.

    There simply is no career path for her natural gifts.

    It is though after Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer, Arnold Schwarzenegger had had to convert himself to suit weepy, rather feminine roles, for lack of any promising projects that harnessed his natural strengths as an entertainer.

    Modern Hollywood's reaction to Audrey Hepburn might be: "we don't actually have a lot of roles for someone like that, outside pure chick flicks ... how is she with a chainsaw?"

  14. Oh for the love of God, another sassy, hawt rockin' kick-ass bitch who don't need no man. This just won't end. And you know what the real world fall out is? Young girls getting even more slutty. I'm done. I think it's a slam dunk I'll never have kids:

    Here is a young slut. If you don't draw a connection between this and the media, you're nuts:

  15. I commented on one of your earlier topics about redhead prejudice I was going to mention the upcoming Pixar movie Brave as a positive movie starring a redheaded main character.
    How it relates to this topic is the Brave warrior protagonist in Brave is a girl.
    This is becoming very common now there is an intentional removal of positive, masculine and heroic male characters.

  16. Tim, that is a clip from a webcam girls show they are online strippers basically. They get money for doing that. Thats why they do it.

    Which is sad in my mind that so many white women have become prostitutes for the masses(which is literally the entire world now). They are always the most popular 'actresses' on these webcam sites.

    I have no idea how a girl comes to doing this wether it be poverty or no father but I will certainly be very strict with my daughters and ensure they never get into this business of selling themselves.
    The most mature girls save it for their boyfriends

  17. daybreaker
    Kirsten stuart isn't a delicate beauty shes basically a young feminist 'bitch' thats how she sells herself and her female fans are aware of this.
    I know a teen girl im a friend of their family she irritantingly models herself after Kirsten. Its a fake bitchiness and jaded female stance that is supposed to be dominant.
    Its a pity because this girl is a very smart and nice young lady shes just sucked into thinking she has to act like Kirsten to be cool.

  18. The film, if left to the traditional ending of Snow White, would see her rescued at the end by a prince and living happily ever after. These endings, even in the female power movies are fine because they show women that at the end of the day, all they want is to be happy, in love and free of the fighting in their lives.

    But lately, such an ending has become unacceptable and scorned as demeaning by the feminists. I have loved the villains defeated and the man and woman living happily ever after since Beauty and the Beast.

    Tim, I am sure that the right woman is out there for you. I'm twenty-four, female and a virgin and I endure that men around me think there's something wrong with me because I'm chaste. And I'm unchangeable because I refuse to have casual, degenerating sex and to put a career as a priority.

    Girls as a collective are not all without virtue, they just have to hide their differences. Feminists are really hurtful bitter harpies who will attack any girl or woman daring to possess femineity and are aware, and respect the differences between genders.

    I mean, what does it say if women actually think they can do what super powered women do in a fictional story? What's needed with these movies is for people to remember the distinction and the separation from fantasy to reality. Most women cannot wear a suit of armour- and swords are not light, pretty things you can wave about.

    And the day we have a war where women are subject to a military draft in a war situation, all these nightmarish ideals about there being no differences between the genders would crash. Women would get easily killed by the tens of thousands and the men would get killed because they need people of their ability fighting by their side. There are differences, and while blame can be leveraged at these films, people should know the basic difference between real life and a flight of fantasy.

  19. ""Freeking Christian lies, that's how.

    Bag it, lady. then learn to read more than bibles.""

    Dude you seem to think you have stumbled on a new thing here.

    Religions moving to new areas usually co-opt some or all of the practices of those that have come before.

    How is having a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus in late December any different from the official Queens Birthday holiday being no-where near the Queens actual birthday?

    You sound a little like a 17th century English Puritan, only dumber.

  20. When Charlemagne was given the title “Holy Roman Emperor” in the later years of his reign many Franks weren’t happy and expressed disappointment. They didn’t want their Germanic kingdom, which they’d fought to expand, to become too closely associated with the Romans, whom they considered foreign, foppish, and in many respects inferior. In contrast Charlemagne was extremely happy at the granting of the title as he saw in it the fulfillment of his life’s work which was to make his Kingdom a Germanic successor of the Western Roman empire. He greatly admired the Christianity, learning, relative stability and success of the Romans and saw in them his model for successful empire.

    Such a Roman empire though by definition was a far more outward looking and cosmopolitan creature than just a German Kingdom. The tension between the ethnic pride and ambitions of many Franks with the Imperial demands associated with Charlegmagne’s growing and increasingly multi-ethnic empire came partially to the fore with the granting of this title. Soon after when Charlemagne died the title was glossed over by his subjects and the inscription on his tomb merely stated that he had “gloriously extended the Kingdom of the Franks”. Whilst the Holy Roman Empire, as conceived of by Charlemagne did not last long and quickly became reduced to states largely based on people of similar ethnicities, we saw in his growing empire an example of the tensions between Imperial ambitions to fully embrace the resources, ideas and people of the empires, with the nationalistic ambitions, of those who wanted to maintain the ethnic homogeneity and cultural strengths which had enabled them to conquer others.

    The difficulties of creating political stability in the growing state of Charlemagne were nothing compared to the case of Alexander and the Macedonians. From a small province the Macedonians conquered Greece, with Alexander quickly calling his joint people “Greeks” rather than simply Macedonians. From there he went on to conquer Asia and quickly became the master of a colossal number of Asians. In response to the tension within his territory as to whether it should be primarily Macedonian/Greek nationalistic state or a multi-ethnic empire it seems clear that Alexander favored a state, which whilst dominated by Greek and Macedonian thinking, was still open to all. Alexander was quoted in Opis as saying:

    “Now that the wars are coming to an end, I wish you to prosper in peace. May all mortals from now on live like one people in concord and for mutual advancement. Consider the world as your country, with laws common to all and where the best will govern irrespective of tribe. I do not distinguish among men, as the narrow-minded do, both among Greeks and Barbarians. I am not interested in the descendance of the citizens or their racial origins. I classify them using one criterion: their virtue. For me every virtuous foreigner is a Greek and every evil Greek worse than a Barbarian.”

    His aim was to embrace to some degree the best aspects of all civilisations under one rule. That it should be mastered by Greeks to him was self-evident as they had shown themselves the stronger culture, “Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.” Simultaneously the true test of a conquering people was to maintain the strengths that carried them to conquest “the end and perfection of our victories is to avoid the vices and infirmities of those whom we subdue”, whilst also embracing what was best.

    This thinking wasn’t popular with many Macedonians and was largely abandoned after his death. Most obviously in Egypt where the creation of a very clear Macedonian ethnic ruling group occurred, which whilst adopting many of the customs of the locals, was still very clearly separate from the vast majority of people and saw itself as Macedonian rather than Egyptian.

  21. Cont.

    We can also see in these examples that our current issues in the West which we have between “multicultural” or primarily racially homogenous societies are not new.

    When people think of the “Jews” today (amongst the right side of politics), they think of them as racially distinct group, different from the largely ethnically homogenous European societies. At the same time they see in the West a growing multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism and see the Jews as an ultimate example of a cosmopolitan community. They also see a few Jewish names amongst those pushing for multicultural ideas and say “Conspiracy!”. Cosmopolitanism though is not a Jewish thing and the idea is larger than one ethnic group. Seeing Jewish people as the cause of current multiculturalism is not accurate. This is also in spite of the fact that many Jewish people want it. (Many Jewish people incidentally also didn’t want cosmopolitanism/multiculturalism and took off to Israel as soon as it became practical. This “Zionistic” movement took its impetus from the fact that Jewish people weren’t felt as welcome in Europe anymore, and also that they didn’t want to be. Consequently they nationalistically left to set up their own state).

    The cosmopolitan or multi-cultural impetusin the West did get a huge boost from WW2 as people saw the sorry effects of full blown racial politics. It also got a boost from the rise of left wing thinking which sought to go beyond racial politics. Again of course many of these people/advocates were Jews, and this is as you’d expect. This is both because Jewish people would be more attracted to a post racial politics as they would no longer be subject to persecution and also because Jewish people as more educated were more likely to take up places in the intelligentsia.

    Cosmopolitanism or multi-culturalism go back to the kings of old, who incorporated different ethnic groups into their communities to do different jobs or bring with them necessary skills for the state. It goes back to the ancient thinkers and scientists who were curious about different forms of knowledge and would take ideas from anywhere. It goes back to ancient traders who gained advantages for society from bringing in goods which couldn’t be made or produced in home states from elsewhere.

    As both ideas, cosmopolitanism and homogeneity, stem from human drives there are examples of these types of thinking everywhere. Cosmopolitanism stems from an “expansive” human drive and homogeneity stems from a “maintaining” or “restricting” human drive. Both drives are valid and both must be harnessed if we are to have successful and growingly powerful societies. These being concepts that great and successful Emperors of the past, who had overriding desires to achieve excellence, recognised.

    It is not accurate though, or valid to anthropomorphise the idea of cosmopolitanism into the people of the Jews. It is not valid to call all aspects of cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, not to mention capitalism, “Jewish”. As convenient as such a formulations might be such an attempt is also a cop out. Of course you can say that “so and so a person” is Jewish, but in many respects it is alas a meaningless inquiry as such people’s politics are usually quickly obvious and what have you just proved anyway? As I say the ideas in question are much larger than just one ethnic group. We’ll also have to find better ways of maintaining our ethnic homogenuity then just banning together to define someone as an outsider, and calling them “Jewish”.

  22. There was a good Snow White done recently with Sam Neil and Sigourney Weaver. The hero turned out to be one of the "dwarves" ie working class miners, so it was just a class revision, everything else was pretty good.

    On Kristen Stuart yeah I never watched Twilight but my impression was that she was emo and whiney, and not really feminine.

    Now, now Tim, if people are spastic, that doesn’t give you carte blanche to be a Mosuo computer game player all your life. Remember the Mosuo are crap, and haven’t accomplished anything. We’re only hearing about them because they’re anthropologically cute.

    What is relevant these days is while these tough girl movies are coming out there are still plenty of tough guys movies being made, eg the new Conan. I imagine that movie will be incredibly tough as the movie makers outdo each other to increase the violence. So its not just the women who are being tough, everyone is. Everyone wants to swing the sword, everyone wants to be ruthless, everyone wants to be a Barbarian. This is what happens in my view when power, and the pursuit of power, becomes naked. This is Nietzsche will to power stuff not girly feminism.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Batholomew and everyone else who has experienced a similar traumatic event. May you find wholeness, healing and strength in Jesus Christ.

  23. the new conan was ridiculous. Not just because he was not an indigenous European actor trying to play a proto-celtic fantasy race but because when the character as a young boy is played by a white kid. He then grows up to be a samoan.
    Why does hollywood seem to think people are that stupid.
    The conan actor was also used in the popular television series of the novel Game of thrones. I was looking forward to seeing this.
    However there is a particular scene where he as an aggressive dark male aggressively rapes a blonde female character he has captured from another people and forced to be his wife.
    I'm sorry this cuckold racist crap hits to close to home.
    Its very offensive to me as a white guy with a blonde white partner. No one cares though but in the near future people will care when they start to experience the predation of loved ones by blacks.

  24. Hey, I just saw a trailer for Conan. He has a little colour but he isn't Samoan.

  25. "Hey, I just saw a trailer for Conan. He has a little colour but he isn't Samoan."

    Well you are right in that he isn't samoan, according to IMDB "His father was Native Hawaiian and his mother was of German, Irish and Native American ancestry."
    Liberals would have you believe a white boy can grow up and become mixed race.

  26. Thanks, Jesse.

    By the way, I did not mean to blame God or even the Church for the way things turned out. I mentioned my upbringing and the whole incident as an example of how even true things like separation from the world can do damage if they aren't understood fully. My point was that false things like this movie and its message can do damage even more easily.

    I was embarrassed to talk about my past and maybe some people were uncomfortable reading about something so personal. I don't talk about it openly offline. I didn't mean to cross any lines here either.

    On the other hand, how are normal people supposed to understand the gravity of sexual confusion if no one ever talks about its consequences? Liberals say Your sex shouldn't determine whom you love. Most Christians won't go that far, but they'll agree that sex shouldn't determine what you do (career, etc). Neither one seems to notice that the less sex is allowed to matter, the more confusing its obviousness seems. It doesn't matter that the pastor is a woman. Really? Why do I keep noticing then? It doesn't matter that some people have intercourse with the opposite sex and some with the same. Really? Why do I keep noticing that too then? And worst of all, most Christians can't see the connection between the two. Female relatives in the ministry complain about the advance of homosexuality, molestation and other perversions even while they cheer on the advance of feminism, and I believe them when they claim not to see any connection.

    Likwise, most people will shrug off the sexually ambiguous Snow White as just a different twist on an old story. And those same people would be devastated if their own son/daughter turned out "sexually ambiguous" and not at all satisfied with the "different twist" on their own child's story. And these hypocrites angrily denounce Mark as a rightwing hatemonger (remember Margaret?) when he suggests there may be a connection.

    Maybe the Lord intends for stories like mine to make that connection too awkwardly obvious for them to deny.

  27. And those same people would be devastated if their own son/daughter turned out "sexually ambiguous"

    Bartholomew, good point. The exceptions really stand out.

  28. I have a little story about the rape of a loved one.
    My own younger brother was raped by an immigrant. Despite my warnings to my parents that this guy was a creep. My liberal parents chose to have good faith in this scumbag and let themselves be manipulated in the textbook way a pedophile grooms a family becomes a friend then commits an abomination.
    I was specifically made to feel ashamed of myself by my liberal parents for daring to suggest this person was not to be trusted.
    It was not as if i had no evidence. The same scumbag had attempted to rape the sister of a guy I knew(which was in vain because his sister ended up getting raped by another african immigrant later anyway)
    It was I who ended up contacting the authorities not my parents even when they knew and were horrified by it.
    My father is a liberal that was raised by a feminist.
    I can never forgive liberalism, multiculturalism and feminism for the crimes they commmit against us.

    People think someone who hates immigration, blacks, feminism etc is some hopeless yokel bigot. Some of us have actually lived through the consquences of these bastards high ideas.

  29. She can wear all the armor in the world, and all a man really has to do to take her down is nudge her. She doesn't even look like she can carry the harness.

  30. When people think of the “Jews” today (amongst the right side of politics), they think of them as racially distinct group, different from the largely ethnically homogenous European societies.

    Many Jewish people think of themselves this way as well, so the stupidity is widespread. In fact European Jews are not a "racially distinct group", properly understood. They're racially indistinguishable from other Europeans.

  31. I realised I could no longer support feminism when I noticed just how misogynist it was. Feminism seems to be about making women hate themselves for being female, and encouraging women to try to turn themselves into men. It's really quite bizarre.