Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Silly, but makes a serious point

This is from a defunct US sitcom called Coupling. I don't think the series ever made it here to Australia.

Leftists want to be thought of as rebels or dissenters, when in reality they form a core part of the political establishment.

Hat tip: Useful fools


  1. Coupling is actually British. Their answer to the American sitcom "Friends".

  2. "Coupling" was a British copy of "Friends." But there was also a short lived American version of "Coupling" using slightly rewritten scripts. The plot lines from the British "Coupling" were in good part stolen from "Friends." I am ashamed that I ever watched this trash...

  3. Left wing ideas are dominant in teaching, academia, the media and the public service. Not to mention the political cultures of near all political parties in the west.

    Who the hell are they rebelling against?

  4. "Who the hell are they rebelling against?"

    Kerry Packer? (For non Australians that's a white buisnessman).

  5. South Park made the same point at least once:
    Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle and Kenny realize that the hippies are doing nothing to oppose the corporations that they have demonized and that their idea of a perfect society is the same as the currently existing one.

  6. " and that their idea of a perfect society is the same as the currently existing one."

    That's a very funny episode:

    "Dude, what we need like, is someone to make bread for the community"

    "You mean a baker".


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