Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking ahead

Here's a YouTube video which was posted a couple of years ago and has already been viewed over three million times. It shows a presentation by Roy Beck on the long-term consequences of mass immigration into America.


  1. Thank you Mr. Richardson for posting this video on your blog.

    Explaining the issue in such simple yet graphic terms is very effective. It strikes me that people feel they should support a policy without thinking it through because the whole debate is so emotional; hence the pejorative references to whose who oppose immigration. No real, rational thought happens because the traditionalist camp is never allowed to present its case.

    Anyway, two thoughts struck me when watching this for the first time: (a) how this is really an environmentalist approach to immigration restriction (nb the Greens and One Nation have the same immigration policy) and (b) much of the speculation on future trends is in the same vein of the environmentalists' own moral panics.

    I don't have a problem with (a), after all, preserving the environment should certainly be part of any responsible government policy (without turning it into a religion), but it could be pointed out in (b) that the amazing trends in Roy Beck's graph are akin to the amazing trends predicted in An Inconvenient Truth. There is no reason to assume that levels of immigration will continue like this indefinitely. There are a host of factors that could either make the host society less attractive to immigrants, or provide other counter-incentives to migrate there. Nevertheless, the effect is still the same: the radical change in the host's cultural identity. I just found that the presentation did tend to be a little simplistic by not addressing any potential novus actus.

    I wish there would be something like this done in the Australian context. If it were, there would have to be a great deal of attention placed on the consequences of an influx of alien religious beliefs into the nation, and a cross reference with developments in Western Europe. Heaven knows there must be mountains of data to work from by now.

  2. Here's another video on the subject of white minority in the USA. It's a comdey by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But some serious truths are conveyed by it.